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This morning, we have a post from the adorable Lexie from A Little Bit of Eternity. I have loved reading her upbeat, cute blog for a while now and I'm excited she wanted to participate. Even though we've never met, I know she is genuinely kind and fun. She is totally deserving of her cute guy and the amazing love she has found. Just seeing the picture she sent me had me tearing up, so I can guarantee you are in for a real treat with this post (seriously though...just get your favorite chocolates ready haha!). Make sure you stop by {her blog}! Thank you, Lexie, for taking the time to do this! You are awesome!
What is Love?

I remember when Brayden and I were just married and he was talking to his friend Jason about love. Jason asked Brayden how he knew he was in love. I will never forget what Brayden said that completely melted my heart and made me fall in love with him all over again. “You know when you’re supposed to say I love you when all the little words just aren’t enough to describe how you feel.” And with Valentine’s Day coming up our thoughts are totally enwrapped in the power of love. But what iiiiis love? I feel like the longer I am married the more I learn about the true meaning of “LOVE” so here are a few examples of what I personally believe true love is:
{If you want to make reading this blog post really fun… eat a chocolate kiss every time I say the word love!! Because its Valentine’s season and it’s ok to eat your body weight in chocolate, you have my permission.}
Love is sharing your bed with someone who is afraid to sleep to close to the edge on her side. So you end up almost falling off each night.
Love is remembering to turn on the fan after you go to the bathroom just in case!
Love is volunteering to pay for dinner even though all the money belongs to both of you anyway. 
Love is turning the car around to get a purse that was left behind AT dinner.
Love is tolerating stinky feet… because sometimes boys just have that. 
Love is letting her spread her makeup, curling irons, strengtheners, lotions, and perfumes, all over the bathroom sink… even though it’s a 2 man sink and she has plenty of space on her side alone.
Love is random smooches just because we’re married and we’re allowed to do that now.
Love is letting him put a 2nd TV in our bedroom so that he can play Call of Duty while she blogs and watches “her” shows.
Love is watching the bachelor or bachelorette even though it makes him want to gauge his eyes out. 
Love is staying up way to late watching criminal minds or laughing hysterically having a staring contest because neither of you are tired enough to go to sleep… after all we have trained our brains to not sleep until after 1:00 am! 
Brayden quote: “I thought staying up late would change when you got married cause you’re not out with friends…but wait! I married my best friend… so that didn’t change.”
Love is saying I love you again, even if you already said it.
Love is sharing a church calling, and laughing at our primary kids who are 3 years old and not understanding the meaning of sitting still…
Love supporting her when she has an anxiety attack for no real reason, or supporting him when he’s a little bit grumpy.
Love is taking her to Disneyland, and letting her be a kid, buying lots of churros, and spending way too much money.
Love is putting up with all the crying that girls do.
Love is eternal, forever, none of that till death do us part crap… I want him always!
But love isn’t just about bf/gf’s for all you single ladies/gents out there…
Love is that first bite of chocolate donut from 7-11 followed by a Big Gulp.
Love is passing your class you thought you were going to fail and being so proud of yourself that you made it through.
Love is learning to forgive those who have hurt you… even when every ounce of you is telling you to stay mad, and punch some faces… 
Love is seeing your family on Sunday and sitting at the table together talking about nothing
Love is calling your mom on your day off… to see if she wants to hang out.
Love is seeing your little brother/sister growing up being so much better than you were. 
Love is hearing people comment about how much they love your blog and finally feeling like your hard work is paying off!
Love is singing into the steering wheel driving home completely convinced you are better than Taylor Swift herself. But no one knows… except that steering wheel.
Love is feeling overwhelmed by the spirit while at a normal church meeting. Thanking Heavenly Father over and over in your heart for all the simple things that make life great. 
Love is setting goals and breaking them… then setting them again because you don’t give up.
Love is seeing your friends graduating from college, getting married, and having babies.  And being so ridiculously stalker-ish and happy for them.
Love is all around us… it took me a while to learn that. I thought Valentine’s Day was just about having a “boyfriend” but it’s so much more. It’s the LOVE holiday but there is so much to love. Life is beautiful, this Valentine’s Day if you are with someone special or just with yourself, find something you love and celebrate it no matter how big or small. Love is the closest thing we muggles have to magic!


  1. this is soooo cool! my very first guest post! Thank you thank you thank you for thinking of me to even do this on your incredible blog. i truely feel honored right now :)

  2. Brayden quote: “I thought staying up late would change when you got married cause you’re not out with friends…but wait! I married my best friend… so that didn’t change.”

    So true. We just stay up late talking to each other instead of our friends.


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