what happened behind the scenes, feb 1-14

i know we are all recovering this morning. between the valentine's chocolate and candy hangover and the fourteen days of love, i feel like it's good to slowly ease back into the hum-drum blog posts after all of these amazing love posts. i kind of wish these lovely ladies could blog for me every day. any takers?

 february has been infinitely better than the totally dismal january. let me get you caught up with some highlights and a few photo collages:

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feb 1: work, then red iguana + warm bodies (highly recommend!!)

feb 2: THOMAS' 14th BIRTHDAY! utes vs. colorado bball game + olive garden take-out + hotel transylvania + opening presents + DQ ice cream cake

feb 3: super bowl sunday! church + thomas becoming a teacher + good food + not really taking a side because they both have former ute players + starry eyed over beyonce + chanting "put ale-kay in!" (alex smith, brownie points for you if you know what ale-kay is from) + nail painting (essie peach daiquiri is the perfect february color!)

feb 4: woke up from the freakiest dream where my crush dressed and somehow looked like 90s Ryan Gosling and drove a red honda civic with a 5 tiered spoiler and a huge muffler (hood!), then i was at school and everything became animated and i was in a college version of school house rock with my professors. FREAKY, RIGHT?? boss told me i look like a walking valentine + delicious olive garden leftovers for lunch + a little photo shoot, courtesy of my sister + homework forever + due to the ryan gosling nuance in my dream, i found this video. he is the best storyteller. swoon over him for the millionth time with me! feel free to bring me somma those girl scout cookies anytime, ry.

feb 5: lunch date with patti, my former sorority advisor. she picked me up from school, took me to cafe trio for the first time, and it was divine. i loved catching up with her and her life advice; i could use a patti 101 class every single day. you'll never meet a kinder, more genuine lady in your life. one of my inspirations.

feb 6: white collar catch-up afternoon while homeworking after work. junior mint cupcake from sweet tooth fairy? don't mind if i do. sweet shout-out from julia on instagram. hungry heart by bruce springsteen is my anthem today {loved that it was on the warm bodies soundtrack}. a late bball game for thomas, in which he was a beast (the usual for him).

feb 7: this 7:30 am class may just be the death of me. this was just not the happiest of days, in general. what made it better was driving up to one of my favorite look-out points and just sitting there as the sun set and i looked at the salt lake temple. i came home to my family and they were ready to listen and welcome me with love and open arms.

feb 8: sister pedicure after work! 4 months until 13.1! chinese take-out/psych marathon with the sibs while my parents went out to dinner. thomas was sick, otherwise we would've all gone together. 

feb 9: MOM'S...29th...BIRTHDAY!!! the day was spent running errands with dad for a few hours to target, costco, get the oil change, get wilson groomed, get his hair cut, etc. birthday dinner/sunday dinner while we looked for little presents. we had zupa's and my mom looked for a new purse with no success. we had neighbors visiting and the phone ringing all day long. i spent a lot of my time in my room trying to get a scrapbook {made using a smashbook & scrapbook paper} together with pictures, quotes, and notes from each of us to my mom. hope and i made another trip to target to browse in the home goods/accessories and get a few ingredients we needed for the chipotle pomegranate salmon we made {i'll post the recipe here tomorrow}. it was SO easy and so delicious. it was a low-key day and snowy, but it was fun to just stay in together and i think my mom enjoyed it.

  {i stole two pictures from thomas & janessa--thanks, guys!}

feb 10: missionary farewell for one of my favorite older couples in my home ward. then i headed over to the ysa ward. janalee was looking mighty cheetahlicious in her cheetah print dress, so i made her this picture and we all couldn't stop laughing about it. my mom told me later that night while we were discussing things, "i picture you with someone who is a good mix of ryan reynolds and ryan gosling." that was without any cueing on my part. she knows what's up. i spent the night getting mailings ready for research, watching downton abbey and texting holly about it, (the finale for season 3 is on next week, so NO ONE RUIN IT FOR ME) and reading my textbooks, but repeatedly falling asleep.

feb 11: work, studying, paper writing until 3:30 AM. UGH.

feb 12: i attended my early class and then i came home afterward so i could survive the rest of the day and stay ahead of this cold i feel like i'm getting. i stopped at target on the way home for some teddy grahams, then i turned on the fireplace, grabbed a big fluffy quilt, and had a nice nap. valentine from my grandma and grandpa came in the mail that made me cry. homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch and then i went back to campus to study and go to class. after classes, i was able to go to the OKC vs. Jazz game with H&T!! first game i've actually been to this season! it was so fun. minus the girl screaming the entire time and getting mad at the three of us cheering for the jazz AND okc. sorry, i can't help but love KD and the thunder. he is a beast and SO nice! {watch this}. too bad my bf wasn't playing due to a shoulder injury. the jazz won and it was a fun night!

feb 13: work, studying, paper writing. until 3:30 AM. UGH. {is it groundhog's day? no. #lifeofacollegestudent}

feb 14: with tests in every single class, i was studying my brains out with my major peeps in the library and trying to remember all there is to know about diagnostic reports, language development, validity, reliability, and assessments for dysarthria and fluency. after a thirteen hour day on campus, coming home to some valentines in the mail, watching skyfall, and eating a well deserved chipotle burrito bowl (after having hardly anything to eat all day--teddy grahams and a little chex mix? ugh, so healthy) were about the only thing nice things about my day. oh, and i stopped by sweet tooth fairy on my way home from school for one of their black and white cookies--my absolute favorite! because what is valentine's without a cute treat!? thank you, daniel craig (in all your HD, blu-ray glory), for being my valentine this year. 

{the bottom is what i'd like to call "the progression of studying from 10 PM until 1 AM"...then i just looked like a mess and spared you those pictures.}

this weekend, i just want to relax and enjoy.
shouldn't be too hard to do ;) 

have a wonderful, long, holiday weekend!!

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