To my future husband--Chloee from And So She Says

This afternoon, we have the beautiful Chloee from And So She Says. I have to admit I'm a recent follower of hers, but I love her wit and style so much! Make sure you go visit her blog {here} and enjoy her sweet, tender post! Thank you so much for doing this, Chloee!

Every week I write a letter to my future husband in my journal. I never share my journal entries so excuse me while I feel a little vulnerable. But I think love is something we can anticipate and these letters help remind me the man I am looking for. Enjoy!

To my future husband:

As I am sitting here writing this, I am trying to imagine who I am writing to, what you are doing , and how excited I am to meet you. I am trying to figure out how I can love someone so much. It's like a movie when the person can only imagine their love until it is found. I hope right now I am structuring who I am striving to be, so when the time is right and I meet you, you will have the very best version of me and then we can carry on striving together! My heart is full of gratitude for everything I have and I pray for you every night. I know that our journey will be difficult but our love will be strong. You will help me understand what love truly is. I want you to know that I will love you with all of my being because I have promised myself that I will never settle for less than that. I can only hope you will put up with me when I have a diet coke headache, or when I complain about how I have gained weight over the weekend. Or when I can decide what I want to eat.

 Here are a few little insiders... I always sleep better with my heating pad. A lot of nights I stay up thinking.. Don't wait up just go to sleep.  I pretend I don't like elaborate things but I am the biggest sucker for surprises. A note will change my day around, but lilies aren't too shabby either. :) Your life will be so much easier if your side of the bed is clean. And Let me buy expensive clothes now while I'm young please.        

One thing that will never change is the love I have for you and the spirit you have brought into my life. I hope you will let me take pictures whenever i want and our house will be covered in them. i hope you will learn to love the fool in me that dances up and down the grocery aisles and sings so loud in the car. and I hope you will help me learn how much I can truly love myself because of how much you love me. I am looking forward to the day I find you, but until then I will be praying for you!

I love you!
Xoxo, Chlo


  1. this is the sweetest letter ever. chloee is the cutest. xo

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