the most romantic evening of my life--Kelli from Chronicles of She

happy valentine's day, everyone!

This morning, we have a post from Kelli. She posted last year and I've always been grateful for her profound, deep words of love, testimony, and life. Her blog is fantastic {visit it here} and make sure you leave her some love. Go back and read the other posts from this year and last year if you are just joining in today. All of them will put you in the right mood for today with the very real perspectives of love all of the writers have offered us. 

Thanks for taking the time to write, Kelli. You are just the best and I love your love with Jared.

a few months into our marriage i started writing all the gory and glorious details of the story of jared and i. this is a tiny excerpt (derived from the much-too-long-to-share text) that i'm entitling, The Most Romantic Evening Of My Life. this little paragraph depicts one balmy night jared and i shared together in the most perfect month of june, two thousand and nine. almost four years later, my mind still wanders to this night. prior to meeting jared, with different people and on different occasions, i have locked lips on top of the empire state building, shared a romantic and unexpected kiss with a near stranger (who looked like reid carolin) before slipping into a cab on a rainy night, and slow danced atop the university of utah union building under the stars, with a clear view of the entire valley. but in retrospect, those are petty and meaningless memories compared to this, The Most Romantic Evening Of My Life. okay, okay, so here it is:

"iron & wine was singing softly to us as we drove home. out of nowhere jared took a sharp right and we were climbing up the mountain. jared took my hand as we hiked a little ways up the hill before we got to the top. it was just foothills, really. everything around us was alive. all the vegetation was a lush green. giant wishing dandelions were in full bloom. dragonflies zoomed by. the temperature was the kind of perfect that you imagine on the other side. the air was lukewarm, where the humidity made it feel like you had translucent skin and that you were wrapped up in a down comforter all at the same time. the breeze was light and soft on your skin and it made the tall mountain grass wave ever so gently. we were darkened silhouettes against a sunset that was showing off colors of purple, pink and orange. we stood there together, playfully dancing, talking and laughing, etching ourselves onto the surface of one another's hearts. after some time, the sun was all but gone, and we too decided to go. we went back to his place, and found ourselves hanging in the hammock in the yard. i remember laying next to him, laughing and telling animated stories with our hands. jared went inside and came back with his guitar. i drowsily laid in the hammock while jared sat behind me, singing and playing. after a while, we were both freezing and headed inside. we wrapped up in each other's arms until we fell fast asleep."

i'm keeping it short because i'm sure you guys all have love to share and to celebrate today, i mean it is valentine's day! if you'd like to read some more, i am sharing a few more excerpts from The Story over on my blog, so feel free to head on over to check it out!

// the photo is one jared later sent to me on my mission, but it was from when he visited the same spot with a friend a few weeks after this took place.

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