the hope of you

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dear future husband, 

i don't know where you are or what you are doing or who you are at this point in life, but i hope i'm doing my best right now to become someone you'll love. maybe one day in the next few years, you'll walk into my life and together, we'll create a wonderful forever. 

i just want you to know that even now...

my heart beats only for you and 
the hope of you.

love you to the moon and back, 


**sorry, i am interjecting today! i'll let the lovely posts continue to come from the  incredible ladies until the afternoon of valentine's day :) **


  1. Why did this make me cry??! So beautiful. As are you. He will be such a lucky, lucky man. And he'll know exactly just how much he has with you.

    I am so excited to see who it is and when it is.

    I love youuuuu, girl.

  2. love hearing from you catherine. it is amazing that you have brought so many amazing women together :) you are awesome.

  3. There is one very lucky man out there, Catherine. You're wonderful.


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