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This afternoon, we have Ashley talking about her grandparents. Ashley and I attended junior high and high school together. I have very fond memories of sitting together through many classes like Creative Writing, AP Bio, and AP Calc, to name a few. We would mostly be laughing about our latest crushes or something completely ridiculous. My little sister came home a few days ago and said, "I was talking to Ashley B's little brother who is my age and we were talking about how our sisters knew each other and how you guys are friends." I loved hearing that. Thank you for taking the time to do this, Ashley!! Go visit her blog and enjoy this cute post!

Hi everyone! I'm Ashley, from Life as I Know It.  I just want to thank sweet Catherine for giving me the opportunity to guest post in this series! Love you, girl! You are the best!

I have been blessed to be surrounded by great examples of love and wonderful marriages. My grandparents, to me, are two of the greatest role models I can think of of what love should be like. I love hearing their story! They knew they were supposed to be together from their very first date. My grandpa wrote this to my grandma:

"On our first date in March of 1954 while holding your hand in a Utah Symphony concert, I knew I had found the girl of my dreams.  The spirit whispered loudly to my heart that you were to be my eternal companion.  I went home that night and made it a matter of prayer and got the same strong answer.  You were a vision with your dark brown hair, beautifully made up, and clothed in a dress that I am sure never saw a wrinkle..."

Isn't that the sweetest? Just two weeks later they were engaged! Oh, I get all mushy just thinking about it. 

Grandma and Grandpa at their wedding in 1954.

They love each other so much, and that love has been turned outward to countless others over the years. My grandpa was a seminary and institute teacher, and gave up many years of his life to be mission president -- twice! You should hear him talk about his old students or his missionaries. Both of my grandparents loved those missionaries so much! Anytime we're with my granpdarents in public, we always run into at least one person that knows them, and remembers their love. It seems everyone has been affected by their love and kindness in some way. 

My grandparents passed this love that they have for each other to their 5 daughters, who each have been blessed with wonderful marriages as well.  Their love also continues to be felt by each of their grandchildren.  They are constantly telling us how proud they are of us, and how much they love us.  They are so supportive of each of their grandchildrens' every endeavor, and are present at every piano recital, choir concert, and play.  I will always cherish those memories of walking up to my family after a performance and having grandpa greet me with a kiss on the cheek, and grandma giving me a big hug, and both of them telling me how much they loved me.

I looooove this picture of them. :)

This year, my grandparents will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe that after so many years their love could be so strong, but it is!  I've learned so much about how to love others from their examples. And, most importantly, I know they love each other so so much.  You can see it in the way my grandma will reach for his hand anytime they're sitting next to each other.  You can see it in the way my grandpa will tell anyone who asks (or even those who don't) how wonderful he thinks his wife is.  They take care of each other.  And, at their 80 years of age, I think that's pretty wonderful.

Their legacy of love has blessed so many lives -- including my own -- more than I can say. I am so grateful for them, and can only hope to one day have a love like theirs!


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