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This afternoon, we have a post from Allison. I met this hysterical, wonderful, and beautiful gal in recreation soccer when we were in Elementary. We then attended junior high and high school together where I was able to see her love with Levi start to blossom during our high school years. She has such a handsome little son and I'm grateful for her kindness to me over the years. Check out her blog {here} and enjoy this post! Thank you, Allison!!

I’m so honored that Catherine asked me to write something for her blog’s 14 days of love! I’ve been married to my husband, Levi, for almost two years and we have a son who’s almost a year and a half old (woo hoo nursery!) I’m a huge romantic! I love all that flashy, lovey-dovey stuff. I’m all about love.
I was talking with my mother-in-law (Jolene), at her house the other day. She was telling me about some carpet cleaners that she had had over that week. Over on her wall, they saw her “grandchildren picture.” It’s this huge picture her son does for her every Christmas of all her Grandchildren. Currently, Jolene has 23. 

“Wow! You’ve got a huge family. How long have you and your husband been married?”
“Over 30 years.”
“REALLY?! How? What’s your secret?”
“I look at the bigger picture.”

My interpretation of romantic love has changed over the last couple of years while I’ve been married. What started at butterflies and pitter-patters (not that those are gone, mind you!) has developed into something more substantial—a bigger picture of sorts.

For us, love is…
·       Being okay with your husband sitting around in his boxers all day on his day off.
·       Kissing you pregnant wife’s face after she’s been puking in the toilet all morning as if you don’t even notice the smell of stomach acid.
·       Watching your wife push a baby out of her…lady parts…and still thinking of her as your sexy woman.
·       Waking up every night for your crying baby, and letting your husband sleep, because you know he doesn’t have the patience… or nursing abilities… necessary to get a baby back to sleep at 3 AM.
·       Accepting the fact that your wife is NOT a good housewife and is worse at leaving her dirty socks lying around than you are.
·       Containing your rage as your husband plays that stupid, dumb video game that you hate all night long, because you know that this is his outlet just like crafting is yours.
·       Playing rock-paper-scissors to see who has to change the stinky diaper this time.
·       Being excited for the dinner your wife made which is mushy casserole. Again.
·       Holding your baby together and being overwhelmed by how lucky you are.
·       Going through the hard stuff together.
·       Re-watching the same scene in Pitch Perfect a dozen times, because you both keep laughing so loud you miss most of it.
·       Being loyal to each other.
·       Family dance parties.
·       Being considerate and compassionate during your wife’s feminist rants.
·       Butt-pinching.
·       Being patient with not getting what you want.
·       Pushing each other to commit to the three long hours of church.
·       Accepting that the person you married is who he is.
·       Helping to carry each other’s burdens.
·       Plotting the demise of the know-it-all-do-gooders couple living in your ward.
·       Forgiveness. Lots and LOTS of forgiveness.
·       A bigger picture.


  1. I love this post. I love it and I agree with it.

  2. Oh my heart. These three people are some fine human beings, aren't they?

  3. I love everything about this. It's such good advice. I love you and your cute family!

  4. Seriously just cried my eyes out! I love that family so SO much.


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