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Today, we have Angela of Grahangela. She has always left me such sweet comments and I started reading her blog a little over a year ago. I'm grateful for her continual kindness. Isn't her little Eve Rose so precious? Thank you for posting today, Angela!

Hello! I'm Angela, author of the blog "Grahangela" {link here}. Thank you to sweet Catherine for this opportunity to guest post!

My husband and I live in Southern California and I've loved blogging about our little family over the years. That family has grown recently with the addition of our sweet daughter, Eve Rose (a.k.a. Evie) on November 30, 2012. Our lives have been turned topsy-turvy in the best way possible. I am so over the moon with our little baby girl.

In honor of Valentine's Day and Catherine's "Fourteen Days of Love," I've been thinking quite a bit about the things I love. This picture shows what I cherish most in this world. My husband Graham, my sweet pups Koda and Flynn, and Eve. My little family. I truly am so blessed to call them mine.

While I've been thinking, the word "before" has come to mind often. First, understand that I love love. Always have. I was the girl that couldn't wait to be in love. I fantasized about my wedding day and my future husband and family. I made lists of qualities I wanted my future husband to have. I wrote letters to him. I imagined the children we would have and tried to picture their faces. (None, by the way, were as cute the real thing.) Love was on my mind pretty much all of the time. So, understandably, before I met my husband I thought I had love all figured out. Then I met Graham and realized I had so much to learn. He taught me how powerful it can be to be in love. To see myself reflected in the eyes of a man who thinks the world of me. Love was even better than I'd envisioned.

Then, before I had Eve, I thought I understood love. And just when I didn't think my heart could get any bigger, it grew a thousand sizes overnight. And it grows more and more every day. Every time I look into her eyes, see her smile, hear her coo, it grows. And every time I see Graham snuggle with her, and sing to her, and give her kisses, it grows again. And every time I see my pups give her kisses, and whine when she cries, and get out of bed in the middle of the night to sit with me during a night time feed, my heart swells even more. And so my understanding of love changes and becomes even more profound.

As I've grown to comprehend the nature of love, I've learned about selflessness, patience, service, and of the honor it is to put my family's needs before my own. The nature of my love for "my loves" isn't stagnant. Not if I'm loving them the right way. No. It's infinite, and constantly becoming stronger. It fills me up with so many warm fuzzies that I can hardly contain myself sometimes. I truly am a lucky girl.

Love is a beautiful thing. It can exist in our lives in ways we never fully realize. It's what fills up my days and makes my life meaningful. My love for "my loves" keeps me going. It gives me purpose. They give me purpose.

And so, during these "Fourteen Days of Love," I hope you're all able to reflect on the things you treasure. The things that fill your heart. The things that bring you joy. And, after reflecting, I hope you're able to give those things a giant hug and kiss.

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