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 I wish I could be Jennifer Lawrence sometimes. 
{fine, ALL the time...just minus the crudeness and keep all the sassiness. You know? A combination of  Audrey, Grace, then a little bit of Emma Stone & Jennifer Lawrence would be good.}

The half marathon I'm doing got pushed back a week due to scheduling conflicts with another race. So June 15th it is! I still get to say I did a half marathon before my 22nd, so that's good, right?

Downton has me depressed. I sure hope they air Season 4 in the US at the same time as the UK. I mean, I did watch the first few episodes of Season 3 when they were aired in the UK, but still. It would make things a lot easier. And my heart would feel a lot better if it didn't have to wait so long. 

I'm all about floral prints right now, even though there's 15" of snow outside my house still and a storm rolling in today. I have bought floral capris, floral jeans, AND a floral scarf this month. Oops.

I watched Skyfall on Valentine's Day and...I watched it twice on Friday--once when I got home from work and then later that night when my dad wanted to watch it. Three times within 24 hours may seem excessive, but it's not when you're sick and it's not when it's Skyfall. I think my family is sick of me deliriously saying or whispering in my creepy sick voice, "Ralph Fiennes is Voldemort's animagus!" and "I wish I had the voice of Adele."  

Everyone, I want you to know that I slept on the same twin mattress for 19 years up until Saturday (minus living away at school for 8 months in which I was still home frequently). Two years ago, it started to cave a bit and feel uncomfortable, but I could deal with it. However, it got to a point where I was waking up every morning feeling like an old woman. My parents came home from Costco on Saturday with a twin foam mattress for me they found on sale and I think I'm in heaven. These 21st century mattresses are the real deal.

Sometimes, you buy a bag of Cuties and they're just okay. Sometimes, you get a bag of Cuties and they are the most exceptional, wonderful combination of sweet-tart deliciousness. We were the lucky recipients of one of those bags from Costco on Saturday and I've had about 10 of them in the past few days to up the Vitamin C.

I feel a lot like Annie in Parent Trap with the water balloons when it has come to this flu season. It was like one after another balloon (cold/sickness) almost hit, but didn't quite settle in and I thought, "Haaa, she didn't get me!" and then I started feeling awful on Friday afternoon and the huge balloon splattered all over me. After five days of a barky awful cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, stomach issues, and a constant headache, I want to scream, "That girl is without a doubt the lowest, most awful creature that ever walked the planet!"

Except, if we have to gender assign the flu, it's a boy. So insert "he" and "that boy"

Moral of the story: Don't get the flu or sick, especially over a holiday weekend, because fact: only 30% of the time do you get a doctor who actually knows what they are doing at Instacare. After a chest x-ray, strep test, and full examination, I had the most earth-child hippie doctor tell me, "I've seen a lot of this flu with these symptoms this season, but I bet it's just a virus. I want you to eat more fruits and veggies. Most importantly, you need to mentally and verbally tell your body that it needs to be healed." 

Um, what? First, I eat at least 3-4 fruits and veggies a day, thankyouverymuch. Second, virus is a four-letter word to me at the doctor. I know they exist, but this girl has had enough sinus infections and many a flu to know when it's not a virus. And third, it takes a LOT for me to go to the doctor and if I will myself to go, I'm there because I know when my body is sick enough to need an antibiotic--not a prescription of general knowledge.

So... it's been a bunch of cough drop using and trying to figure out if Mucinex or Sudafed works better and what to combine with Tylenol or Aleve. Oh, and telling my body out loud that I need to get better.

Shout out to everybody who is sick out there: I hope your bodies feel better soon and heal themselves.


  1. Gosh I'm sorry you've been sick! I lucked out (fingers crossed) so far this season and only had a short cold that lasted a few days. No fun! I have had pneumonia twice though so maybe I've paid my price LOL. Also, I really need to watch this downtown abbey. Everyone is always talking about it! What's so good about it? Does it have romance?

  2. I love your Parent Trap reference. All-time favorite movie.

  3. A) I am so sorry you are sick. Feel better, homegirl.

    B) WHY AM I SO IN LOVE WITH YOU? And Jennifer Lawrence. Always Jennifer.

    But really. This whole post had me laughing/grinning. You are my favorite, Catherine.

  4. Get well soon dear!
    Drink more water please!
    Riza of Pour L' Instant

  5. So, I just stumbled across this blog, and read this post, and I just have to say that when I watched Skyfall, I kept looking at my husband saying, "Babe! Voldemort is working for BOND?!" I am glad someone else found that funny. :]

  6. Alright, Downton... pretty much i don't know how to live anymore. how could they do that?! like i feel like it should not even be a possibility. they can't do that!!! especially after taking away Sybil. i am just angry at Downton at the moment. Haha

    Definitely have that stupid bug that has been going around. I seriously don't think there is anything you can do to get better except wait it out.. which sucks!

  7. florals are my forever go-to. makeup bags, dresses, pants, shirts, bedspreads, anything/everything floral i love. nothing is worse than your first bite of fruit only to discover it's either mediocre, or not good at all. my pear the other day... too crisp. parent trap! back when lindsay lohan was still cute and sane. i love that movie always & forever.

  8. Oh no! Feel better girl! Being sick is never any fun! And I love that you referenced The Parent Trap. Love that movie!! Before Lohan went cray cray ;)
    xo TJ


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