Love is more than roses and chocolates. -- Brissa from Half & Half

this morning, i want everyone to meet the lovely brissa. i actually grew up knowing her brother, james, through school and i always heard of her and knew of her, but i never really knew her until i started reading her blog...weird? nah. i love her wit and words, especially her "sappy" posts (her words, not mine). i'm so glad she wanted to participate and i'm grateful for the kindness she has shown me. thank you for taking the time to do this, brissa.

check out her blog here and enjoy!!

hello everyone,
happy valentine's day eve.

i'm so glad catherine asked me to participate in her
14 days of love. 
i'm mostly just grateful for the excuse to be sappy
somewhere other than my blog.

love is more than roses and chocolates
and pink monkeys that sing songs when you squeeze their feet.
love is being able to ugly cry in front of your husband
and have him tell you you're beautiful
when you're done.

love is compromise.
love is learning.
love is hard.

i think that's one of the parts of love
we forget to talk about.
love is difficult.
and scary.
and a constant trust exercise.
but that is what makes it worth it.
that's what makes our hearts grow.

love is
jumping off a cliff
with your arms wide open
and your eyes pressed shut
and your lungs belting
the loudest combination of joy and fear.
a combination so loud, you can feel it in your toes
and hear it ringing in your ears.

love is trusting the water will catch you.
love requires a little sinking
and a little freaking out.
but then, you remember who you are
and what you're capable of,
 and you're surrounded by a blue calm.
you kick.
you kick to the top.
you kick to the light
and you break the surface
and you realize you can do anything.

is about being with someone
who makes you feel

i hope you had some crackers
to go along with this cheese.
 you'll have to excuse my dramatics,
gingers just seem to have that effect on me.


  1. you HEARD about me?! from who?! i suddenly feel a mixture of fear and fame. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me post here. you are so great. you really are.

  2. haha! love this! these posts have been so great.

  3. i love that brissa and her ginger.

    what a sweet post.


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