Love is mine. -- Stephanie from Shoot the Moon

This morning, we have a post from my friend, Stephanie. She does a good job of explaining how we know each other and you've seen posts from her on my blog before, but I am very grateful for her kindness and friendship. She is a beautiful person on the inside and outside and I couldn't be happier for her that she's found her Prince Charming. Make sure you check out her blog {here} and enjoy her lovely post!
I adore Catherine, don't you? If not for social media, we wouldn't be as good of friends
as we are now, and I am so grateful for that! I knew her for years in high school and I regret that I didn't take the time to get to know her.  Now, she is one of my dearest friends and so of course I was
delighted when she asked me to write about love.

*    *    *    *    * 

The sad thing about love is that there is only one word for it in the English
language.  I type this word, love, in a
plethora of sentences and it’s still just a word.  I love eating margarita pizza but not in the
same way that I love sleeping without pants (yep, I just went there).  I love listening to Mr. Sinatra but not in the same way that I love my fiancĂ©.

I tell him those three little words multiple times a day, but I wish I could say more with those words.  How can I explain my love for him without just using that word: love?

Lemme try.

He inspires me and makes me better in every way.

He waited way too long for me to make up my mind about us and
I will always be thankful for that.

I think he’s remarkable
when he holds me while I cry. When he tells me he is proud of me even though I’ve
felt inadequate and small, he’s remarkable.

I’m dedicated to
him because he supports me through all my weird endeavors.  He’s cheered me on during performances and
student elections and interviews and trials. He is one of my biggest fans, and
I will forever be dedicated to him.

He brings peace in
my life by being my safety, my security.

My best friend is the light
in my life because he makes me laugh and smile. He can be a dork, but I mean
that in the most endearing way.

My fiancé is loyal
and I trust him more than I ever thought
I could.

My man is beautiful.
 I find him incredibly handsome and often
catch myself day dreaming about those deep brown eyes of his ;)

I admire him
because he always looks for the good in people. 
He will take time out of his busy life for people most of us wouldn’t
spare a minute for. 

He reminds me what it means to be a hard worker and that the
best things in life are earned.

He is forgiving and
patient even when I’m not.  Heaven knows I can be a lot to handle and I am
so blessed to have him.

Love is inspiration, dedication, and admiration. Love is
remarkable and beautiful. Love is forgiveness, patience, and trust. Love is
loyal. Love is sacrifice.

Love endures.

Love is earned.

Love is a blessing.

Love is peace.

After all the heartbreaks and hopeless moments, after all those times I felt like giving up, I found it.

 I have it.

Love is mine.

*    *    *    *    * 

Thanks for reading, even if my thoughts seem messy.

Want to see the proposal and read about our love story?

Join me on my journey as I plan my
dream wedding for that perfect day when I get to marry him.




  1. I love this! Stephanie, I always love reading your posts. They are so real.

    xo - Becs

  2. So good, Steph. Very beautiful. I'm so excited for you to get married!

  3. I love Stephanie's comment that "Love is earned." It's true. It just grows deeper the more you know someone and learn to understand them. It is earned through every trial and each time you choose each other again. in college, I first heard this sentiment and felt that it was the description that best fit my love story: It just kept working because we kept choosing each other.


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