little valentine love notes--emi from c&e

this morning, we have emi from c&e. isn't her blog so darling? she is a utah original living in california now and i'm glad i could discover her blog through some of my friends. her recipes, her adventures of living in san francisco, and her married life with chase are always such a fun read. thank you so much for taking the time to post, emi! make sure you go check out her blog [here] :)
hi, my name is emi and i'm from c&e, a blog which started when my husband and i got married and moved to california. we love having it as a way to chronicle our life, travels, recipes, and experiences..and keep our loved ones up to date along the way. i love the meaningful pursuit, and feel so lucky to be guest posting today! i love the fourteen days of love idea, and today i'm participating with these 7 little love notes. thanks catherine! xo

dear valentines day, you really are my very favorite of all holidays...because what is better than a day all about love? thank you for giving us a day to pause and focus on love in all it's many forms.

dear husband, be mine. i'm so excited for our first valentines married!!!!! you always made valentines perfect when we were dating ..{ice skating 2010, NYC 2011, breakfast in bed and an all day date 2012} so you're probably the reason i love it so much. 

dear hearts, i am trying to incorporate you into everything this week in honor of valentines..this includes heart shaped pancakes, toast, sandwiches, paper, notes, EVERYTHING! {pinterest is the main cause of this obsession}

dear cupid, thanks for shooting our hearts a few years ago and bringing us both to the love of our lives. 

dear love, the world could use more of you...go visit lots of people today.

dear pink, i love seeing you everywhere this month.

dear paris, i am giddy with excitement that we get to go spend a week in you the day after valentines..how much more romantic can it get?


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