How I Learned to Spread the Love--Allie from Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust

This afternoon, we have Allie from Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. I started reading her blog over a year ago and we have bonded over having the same major. She is in Italy right now having amazing adventures and I'm glad she found the time to participate! Make sure you go check out her blog {here} and enjoy her cute post! Thanks, Allie!!


Hello!! My name's Allie and I blog on over at Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust! Catherine asked me to share some type of story about love and I am more than excited to share how my parents have shown my sisters and I love. 

My dad is the type of guy that makes you breakfast in bed on a random Saturday morning, leaves you a rose in your room during finals week, and sends you Starbucks cards throughout the semester when classes become insane. (I know, he's incredible.) Because of his amazing outpouring of love to us with little gifts and taking moments to show how we are appreciated, my sisters and I  are basically screwed to finding men who can rival his gestures grew up knowing we are incredibly loved and cherished. 

My mom has also shown an incredible amount of love to my sisters and I by being that parents who can be there as a friend but also a strict parent. She knows when she needs to just take me shopping because I've had enough drama in my life or maybe I just need a hug. She always knows. My mom and I have always had a special relationship and have been through a lot together. She shows her love by taking time out of her day to make sure you're listened to and maybe even your friends are listened to and will show up in the school office when you left your important paper at home. 

My parents are the best examples of love I could ever ask for. Their love for each other shows constantly and together not have they only shown love towards my sisters and I but have also been a beautiful example of a great relationship. Oh, and they also taught us to be goofy because it's oh, so important. 

Here we are fixing our family picture mustaches. ;) 

Thanks for having me, Catherine!! 

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