five dashing guys--kylee from little girl in a big world

this afternoon, we have kylee from little girl in a big world. how could you not love this girl?!? i met her during last summer and i'm grateful for our blog friendship. she is such a rock and example to me and so many. thank you for taking the time to post today, kylee!! make sure you go check out {her blog} and enjoy this eye candy as much as i do!!
while most of you are writing love posts about boyfriends and husbands, i'm here writing about five should-be-i-bet-they-want-to-be-my-celeb-boyfriends. that's what happens when you live the single life, you dream big (especially during the month of love). i could have written about love songs, love quotes, or even the little things i love most, but instead i headed in a lighter and slightly humorous direction. just bare with me guys, someday i'll return with my real-deal-why-i-love-my-man post. until then, i'll just keep dreaming about these five dashing guys who wish i would be their wife.

first, i give to you the charm & good looks of joseph gordon-levitt. are you dying over that smirk of his, because i certainly am. i think it was 500 days of summer (aka: my all time favorite movie) that first sparked my love for JGL. i will always & forever wish i could be summer a) so i could sing like/look like/dress like zooey deschanel and b) so i could be on set and confess my love to joseph. he deserves an award for being the best looking police officer/detective/superhero sidekick, and i nominate myself to present it. now, please spend the next few minutes admiring joespeh's perfect sense of style. are you still breathing? i'm not.

when it comes to long-time crushes, adam wins. you all remember the OC right? of course you do, bad-A (not even that cute)ryan comes to town but all we really care about is seth cohen's adorable curly hair, good taste in music, and nerdy hottness. word on the street is that adam brody is just like seth cohen in real life… win! seth (and therefore adam) is the nicest guy in the history of television boys. i'm not kidding you, he is always thinking of others, always loving with his whole heart, and always looking handsome while doing so. i'll end by telling you that i'm a sucker for the nice guys with curly hair. know any?

eddie is a relatively new should-be-i-bet-he-wants-to-be-my-celeb-boyfriend. it's that perfect jaw line, wonderful singing voice, and dreamy accent that roped me in, but it's the freckles that keep me. and then i look at his eyes, and his smile, and his hair, and his clothes, and, and… and then i seriously consider setting out on a eddie-seeking adventure. i'll sing on my own until he hears and realizes that he doesn't want me to feel that way. he will figure out that he loves me and has a heart full of love to give to the girl he just found. we'll get married someday, i'm sure of it. don't worry though, i'll blog about our life together.

confession, it took me a while to see the amazing spider-man which means it took me a while to meet my man andrew. you should know though that the falling in love part did not take long, no not long at all. i think catherine and i share a love for andrew, which is fine really because if i have to share him with someone i'm glad it's her. it was on ellen's show that i really fell for andrew. his dance moves were legitimately great and holy crap, the boy has an accent! those brits always have me swooning the second they open their mouth. plus, i dig that goofy smile he's pulling in that last picture. goofy brits for the win.

last, but certainly not least, i present to you mcdreamy. i think the original reason for my grey's anatomy obsession was the presence of patrick dempsey. i deem him hollywood's doctor of the year… every year. he'll even win when the show is off air (once doctor mcdreamy, always doctor mcdreamy). have you gotten lost in his blue eyes yet? have you deemed his facial hair perfect yet? have you wished for a brain tumor so he can operate on you yet? have you realized that all my should-be-i-bet-they-want-to-be-my-celeb-boyfriends are amazing yet? happy valentine's day to me.


  1. kylee - you hit the nail right on the head. fabulous choices!! all such dreamboats.

  2. thanks again for letting me post catherine! even if mine was slightly less heart warming than all the others.

    1. You have excellent taste in men that should be shared with us all!! I don't think it's any less heart warming at all. We all need some eye candy to make our hearts skip a beat.

  3. Eddie...drool. Don't tell my husband!

  4. hahaha this is seriously the best post ever! Andrew... seriously though, is there a more perfect human? He is just not even real. And when you find out he is british... swoon.


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