thirty four inches of snow ain't no thang.

So, we have a lot of snow here. 
Like 34" of snow.

On Thursday night...it took me two hours to get home from class as the storm started. Scariest ride ever accompanied with singing to music at the top of my lungs to help stay alert and not focus on how terrifying it was. Sliding, driving super slow, trying to get up hills in my Camry, and failing.

Then we woke up to this on Friday, and it didn't stop until Saturday morning. 

From the top left then clockwise: 5:30 AM (Dad's car is completely buried...luckily he's been out of town on business, so we didn't have to dig it out for him that morning), 11:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and a late Saturday morning of Thomas diving into huge snow piles.

Saturday afternoon:

The roads didn't seem as scary as the day before so we ventured on a sibling date downtown to the Utes basketball game. It was fun for all three of us to get in for free with my ID card and sit at the top of the student section in the lower bowl. Thomas wouldn't let us get a picture with him, but I think Hope & I look pretty cute. After the game (these Utes have so much promise, they keep losing by just a few points! Quit breaking my heart!), we picked up some takeout, got a lot of free food with our takeout since it wasn't ready when we got there, and then took it home to enjoy a relaxing Saturday night. We skyped with Dad for a really long time. While half listening, I thought he said he met PSY in South Korea, but I was sorely disappointed when I found out he had only passed by the Gangnam district. Then everyone made fun of me and my dog freaked out seeing my dad on my laptop screen. We really enjoyed laughing together and talking. It's just not the same when we're not all together. I love my family so much.

Today, I attended the home ward, then my YSA ward for a little bit. New calling--Visiting Teaching Coordinator; really excited and humbled about it. Can't wait to listen to the CES Devotional tomorrow (I completely spaced it tonight, oops). After church, I had a nice relaxing afternoon of watching Hunger Games with my siblings, napping, eating dinner, making brownies,  Downton Abbey, and some perfect Sunday night reading. I expected a little bit more of Blake & Ryan's wedding in this issue, but it was still all beautiful and I read "Trial of Your Faith" & "The Lord Has Not Forgotten You" from General Conference, so perfect!

Great weekend despite being snowed in! We don't let the snow stop us from having fun :)


  1. oh my gosh, can't believe this! living in CA does have it's perks at times haha but i do miss my utah snow! XO

  2. I miss snow! Although I don't know if I miss that much of it... And congrats on the new calling!

  3. I live in Utah.. it definitely was a crazy winter storm! Great pictures to capture it. I especially like the one with the temple in it :) Love your blog, now following!


  4. i am so glad you commented on my blog.
    i love your blog and i'm so excited to read more.
    seriously i'm sick of the snow.
    why is it so gosh dang cold here?


  5. So much SNOW!! Ahh what are we ever going to do!? Hahah


  6. Is it wrong that I am completely jealous of all of this snow?! I'm actually coming to SLC on Friday and wanted to know how the roads are? Just wanting to know if we should have friends pick us up or if the roads are good enough to rent a cheap car! Thanks girl ;)
    xo TJ

    1. TJ-The roads haven't been too bad at all this week, but I'm not sure what they're like in Park City if you are going up there for Sundance. It's still a little icy and parking along streets can be a bit of a nightmare with the huge piles of snow, but we've had some sun to thaw things out a little. Bring a lot of layers, because it is absolutely freezing. We are back to having our wonderfully yucky inversion, so be prepared for that. :) Hope you enjoy your visit to SLC!


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