stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

Why do my coworkers think I'm a five year old? Because, I bring things like pudding, teddy grahams, or Capri Sun (mainly little Ziploc bags of teddy grahams) for my 10 am snack and then they always catch me when I'm in the middle of eating these things. It's getting to be out of hand. And why am I a mix of a five year old and a sixty year old? I love little kid snacks and I fall asleep anytime I start to watch a movie or sit down on the sectional. I took a two and a half hour afternoon nap on Saturday...what?? I need a life.

Speaking of getting a life, I spent my Saturday night babysitting seven kids for a few hours. Usually they are angels and hilarious, but they were kind of horrors. Within the first five minutes of getting there, I had my leg bit by the seven-almost-eight year old, 2 liters of rootbeer explode all over me...and the kitchen, and then the three year old threw white grape juice all over my new pants. Then they ask me while we're eating pizza later (and I'm still cleaning up rootbeer) where my sister is (who sometimes comes to babysit with me) and I tell them she's on a date. then the six year old tells me, "Well, you should be on a date too." Yeah, thank you. I came home with sticky everything from my hair to my boots. Needless to say, I have so much to look forward to when I'm a mom...in like ten years.

I feel like I didn't really get a holiday break between working on every flippin' grad school application paper (it never ENDS and my brain is nowhere to be found), research, and working. I saw two movies, slept, or ran errands in the time I was able to find. I'm glad that January and February have national holidays...maybe I'll be able to do something exciting on those days off, but I doubt it. I almost started crying in Relief Society at church yesterday, because I felt so overwhelmed and underdemeciated. Life is getting crazier by the day. It's 2013, people. THAT is crazy.

I'm getting riled up just talking about all of this, so I think I'll just take a deep breath and remember that my last first day as an undergrad starts tomorrow---WOOOO---and remember this wonderful reminder my friend, Makenna, pinned: 


  1. Sorry to hear that you're stressed! I always got that way in college, just follow your advice take a deep breath and buy yourself a new sweater or something and you'll be okay:) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!! I just love that you keep in touch!

  2. That illustration is so wonderful. And I'm very impressed you babysat 7 children!! I too hope that you'll soon find some time to relax from all of the stress around you!


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