my last first day of school as an undergraduate

...was today. 

It was a very VERY long, cold day, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I feel so grateful and blessed to have made it to this point and there are so many to thank. I have not been able to do it all on my own. Today, I love the view from my building. I love thinking about graduation in May. I love going to Market Street for a warm bowl of clam chowder. I love laughing in the library and institute. I love the smell of cinnamon roasted pecans in the bookstore. I love walking around campus and talking to people. I love my major so much. I almost started crying in my last class when my professor was talking about the magic that can happen when you interact with clients. 

I love you, University of Utah.


  1. i love this! live it up! love your little blog! so great. xox

  2. This gave me chills. How great is it to LOVE school? You are going to be so wonderful at what you do.

  3. my sister in law goes to U of U and LOVES IT! your blog is darling!



Thanks for making my day!

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