meet my favorite jazz player/future boyfriend? check.

early on friday afternoon, my brother texted me that gordon hayward was going to be at fresh market off of 2300 east & 2100 south in salt lake city. he was going to meet mo williams at our fresh market later, but he said that if i could, i should go see gordon (our fave jazz player). i had been at work all day, then i was going to do observations at the clinic. so i planned on going to see him after doing some observations, despite my haggard appearance.

i felt really dumb, because when i showed up at the store, i had no idea where he was signing and taking pictures. so i walked around for a few minutes, grabbed a bag of dove dark chocolate hearts to seem like i was there for a purpose, and not some crazy fan girl here for gordon (obvs, i am though). then i finally found him over in the produce section. the line wasn't too long, but everyone kept looking at me and my dark chocolates like we were the weirdest thing they'd seen all day. so i set the chocolates by some bananas and told the girls in front of me that i'd come get them later. they burst out laughing and then they began to tell me about their obsession with the jazz bear, the mini jazz bear, and andrei kirelenko {wuuuut?}, then all of their weird stalker stories of NBA players (they went so far as to find blake griffin and lamar odom when they were in town...at cheesecake factory and some obscure coffee place). it made me feel less creepy and they even took the picture of gordon and me. {thank you!}

i had a really funny quip ready for him when i met him (something about how matty and boler--the game announcers, matt harpring and craig bolerjack--are always teasing him about his facial hair and shaving it before games) or i was going to tell him that my brother and i go on and on about what a smart basketball player he is, how we love how he knows where to pass and when to pass and when to shoot, etc. etc. etc. but while he signed the picture for me, i just told him good luck on his game tomorrow. he smiled and said, "thanks, it's nice to meet you." for a minute while i was waiting in line, i caught him smiling at me briefly across all the produce set-ups. i know he's been dating his girlfriend for like five years now, but maybe one day if that doesn't work out, he'll be my boyfriend?? maybe? 

after that, i walked back to grab my dark chocolates from among the bananas while everyone in line gave me a weird look once again {why!?!}, paid for them, and walked out the store with a big grin.

cheers to meeting celebrities on late friday afternoons...and squealing like a lovesick teenager when you get back to your car and realize what you just did. {it's surprising i kept my composure for that long...}


  1. i can totally relate...
    [my pre-marriage blog posts. ha.]

  2. Hahahahaha. No. I loved this SO much. You are hilarious.

    Aaaand. I am the same when meeting famous people.


    Man. Thanks for making my day. (:


Thanks for making my day!

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