friday afternoon daydreaming.

i spent friday afternoon driving through the avenues on my way from work to the clinic and then back home. i love those little drives, especially in rainy/foggy weather. 
it got me daydreaming 
of seattle, 
of a dream boy [a perfect mix of eddie redmayne and andrew garfield], 
and of a charmed life {cue this song}.

speaking of boys and since valentines is just around the corner...

hey, boy...

{as their names would appear on elementary school valentines, top to bottom, left to right: eddie r., jake g., george c., ryan g., cary g., chris h., chace c., john k., zac e., ryan r., harrison f., andrew g., nathan a., bradley c., henry c., robert d.}

will you be my valentine?

hopeless romantic over here.


  1. SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Why do we have the same creepy taste in men?


    And why on earth, do you like all the same things I like? Bosom friends. Anne of Green Gables reference. Which you'll probably get, because we are blog soulmates.

  2. You are too great. Let's be blog friends. :)


Thanks for making my day!

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