actually quite factual?

I got a smartphone on Wednesday after work.
Yeah, I'm still not sure how it happened and I think we were at the T-Mobile store for over two hours (it felt like five), but I truly feel lucky and blessed.

Goodbye, Samsung T-290. You served your purpose as well as you could for as long as you could.
Hello, LG...something-something-something...,
I'm grateful I can get emails and check things for school instantly,
finally have the use of the wonderful Instagram,
and my fingers thank you for a touch screen.
 (the keys on my old phone were getting to point where they were sharp and peeling...ouch and...i know, weird.)

Last night, I had dinner at Kneaders with Carly & Janalee (we'll call it visiting teaching).
 I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while 
and now Jan keeps sending me random. awkward pictures of people? 
I'm not mad.
We all decided that we're going to be forever alone. 


Total fox in the Azkaban lounge yesterday. We made eye contact frequently and just when I thought he was leaving, he then came back. I did the ring check, height check, and he was so sweet when his mom called him while we were studying. I think we had a connection even though nothing was said. Maybe I'll make that my Thursday in between classes study spot from now on and see if something can come of it?

Hahahahaha, nahhhh.


I've been retweeted by SLPProblems twice now. #celebstatus


 I honestly had a long thought process in my head this morning when I saw a billboard for Weight Watchers 360 and I wondered why it's called 360. Don't you join it to do a 180 in your life...not bring you full circle again? I don't know. Maybe I loved geometry too much or maybe I'm not getting something? I'm so weird.


Don't worry, I'm the girl with the blow pop suckers and pudding snack pack at work today.
 I'm also the girl running in a half marathon on June 8th. 


And finally...in case anyone was curious, here's the top search keywords of all time for this blog: 

"willy wonka braces" and "chris hemsworth shirt off"? 
I guess that's what people think this blog is really about when they stop by. 


  1. Hahahahahahah. K. Don't mind the terrifying speed with which I comment. I cannot handle how much I enjoy you! Gall. Kindred spirits.

    I'm still rocking my phone from junior year of high school. It's horrifying to say the least.

    You are SO delightful!

  2. Haha! You are hilarious! Also, I think my favorite search keyword is chris hemsworth barefoot. Barefoot???????? Who would search for THAT specifically? That is soooooo weird! Are his feet attractive too? People are strange. Also, yay for smartphones and instagram! :)

  3. I love reading your posts! Way to go on signing up for a half marathon. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK IT!

  4. What's your instagram name? I can't find you! :)

  5. hahaha dying at the search key words!!! "james franco hot"...love it!
    so happy you are running a half, you'll love it!
    xo c&e

  6. weight watchers 360. i'm baffled. whaaaaat? haha good eye! and cuuute study story...i like that. oh, those long (awkward) glances in the lounges... haha i've had my fair share. xo


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