the three days consisting of a weekend + i guess thursday too, {part 2}

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early class
work seemed so long.
beautiful, peaceful late afternoon at the temple. i walked out, greeted by the angelic voices of the mormon tabernacle choir being played through the loudspeakers by the manger scene by the visitor's center. it was so nice.
research stuff
hot chocolate run with hopie sis.

dr. appointment
playing football and basketball with the two little boys whose grandparents live down the street. they walked down to talk to us and thomas and i were dying of laughter at how cute the five year old is. his older brother is so sweet with him, but i think he wanted some "big boy" time with thomas, so i was eating up my time with this spunky five year old. he is brilliant and he said he loved me. heart melt. he did call me cathy though, but i let it slip this time. 
going to festival of the trees with jessi. the theme of the night was "note to self:"/"wild goose chases". seriously though, traffic was crazy and it was good we drove together to talk/have someone to sit in traffic with. then we waited for almost a half hour to get our salads/pay for the rest of our buffet at sweet tomatoes {i'd never been there and we were looking for an "adventure"}...which then turned into "oh sorry, we're out of all of our pasta, our cornbread, and most of our good soups." we were pretty much just laughing the entire night about what a crazy night it had been. when we finally got to festival of the trees, things were finally working out for us. we loved looking at all of the creative ideas and stories of the trees [some so heartbreaking]. it is such a wonderful event and i always leave feeling the spirit of christmas even greater. 
then we talked for a really long time and michael thought we'd died, so we ended our conversation so jess could get back home and i drove home singing at the top of my lungs and acting hyper to stay awake...only to fall asleep on the end of my parents bed right when i got home. oops.

french toast and bacon breakfast.
working on homework.
shopping for a bunch of different things for all of hope's school projects, city council projects, etc. 
never again will i go to joann's on a saturday afternoon. 
we waited almost an hour and half to get our fabric cut. 
it was so crowded and basically insanity. 
never. again.
picking up wendy's + the amazing spiderman redbox
putting up our christmas stuff (finally)
i love my house at christmastime.
yet another trip to target
yet another trip to redbox

weird dreams all night about school & finals & professors
getting ready for church
ugly cry
beautiful silent night arrangement for the piano
going to church
some more ugly crying
and more.
"it's okay to cry."
realizing it was my dear kylee p's last sunday in our ysa ward before her mission
 & hoping sweet bree gets her mission call this week. 
i love sitting with those girls at church on sundays.
catching up with carly.
tithing settlement.
and more ugly crying.
swiss chicken dinner by candlelight
christmas devotional {as summed up perfectly by kylee here}
grateful for my parents and my dad being able to give me a blessing. 
homework and studying.
crazy rainstorm.
and very soon it will be time for scriptures, prayer, 
and goodnight.


Thanks for making my day!

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