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{things that made me happy this week}

despite having a really difficult week on many levels, here's what made me happy:

-walking out of my first final. one down, three more (it seems like four more) to go.
-"oh george bailey, i'll love ya til the day i die." watching "it's a wonderful life" seems to always lift my spirits.
-the little christmas tree in my room
-christmas social at work
-my gray gloves with white & icy blue stripes on them.
-bree got her mission call to baltimore, maryland! she doesn't leave until april, but i'm so happy for her!
-camaraderie at the library. we're all in this together, folks.
-seeing all of the christmas lights on my way home at night
-listening to coldplay constantly. with christmas music mixed in there.
-and as i said earlier this week, there's always something to be grateful for.

good luck with finals, with christmas shopping, with everything you've got going on in life right now!

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  1. "It's a Wonderful Life" is one of my favorites!
    "I wish I had a million dollars.... hot dog!"


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