review of twenty-twelve

this year, i have...

attended many showers & weddings (three of my best friends' weddings). worked with three different professors on research projects. received a scholarship. hit my two year mark at my part-time job. turned twenty one. been released as a relief society president. gone to a few jazz games & watched a lot of jazz games. ran in an official 5k. been on four dates...yep, that's it. had my first blogger meet-up. taken the gre. started grad school applications. sent some of my best friends on missions and had some of my best friends come home from missions. taller-than-me younger siblings. voted in my first presidential election. turned in my application to graduate! visited california and washington. cried a lot. prayed a lot. loved my friends and family even more than before. strengthened my testimony of the savior & the gospel. been very grateful. loved life.


  1. love it so much. you are amazing my friend.

  2. I love this post!!! You are incredible!

  3. just found your site-- i'm sad i haven't discovered it sooner!! love, love everything.


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