just some favorite posts of [2012]

first day of spring semester 2012
of infinite capacity
reflecting on high school graduation
first day of fall semester 2012
our gang it is the jolliest that you have ever seen!
utah vs. byu

me, my family, & my friends
thomas turned 13
spring break with holly
why i blog
remember that time...[friends]
remember that time...[family]
jessi's wedding
twenty one
meeting kylee
good lines from this weekend
hugs & kisses
holly's wedding
visiting seattle

fourteen days of love--probably one of my favorite things i did on this blog this year. a series of wonderful bloggers posted about love each day! look for it again in february 2013 :)
remember that time...[dating]
sam...it's nice to meet you.
pretty amazing.
all kinds of love in this world.
my ideas of a perfect date.

small quiet moments
my testimony
family home evening is cool.
ysa ward friends
sunday to soothe the soul
prayer is powerful.
that by knowing me here for a little...


  1. i LOVE the way you reviewed 2012, like REALLY love it.

  2. so good. i forgot about your 14 days of love series, i just re-read mine and it brought me to tears. such a great series catherine, i'm excited for your 2013 edition! happy new year!


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