jessi, my birthday twin

{kaylee & clark's wedding. temple steps on her wedding day. i caught the bouquet. utah vs. byu, 9.15.12.}

jessi and i met in psi when i rushed in spring 2010,  
but we didn't really become friends until april when we became officers.

i'll never forget standing in patti's long driveway, then on the street in front of her house. then in front of one of our cars, then another. as we all talked as officers and got to know each other after our first meeting.  she told me about how she was going to go into speech language pathology and we talked about it for a while. at that point, i was still trying to figure out if i wanted to go into nursing or not still. but i'm so glad that she was the one of many people that talked to me about speech language pathology and eventually led me to decide to switch to this career path.
we became closer over the summer, putting together everything for rush and planning activities.
by the time rush and fall 2010 semester came along, all of the officers were the best of friends.

every thursday brought laughs and tears and fun activities and testimonies.
but most importantly, friendships were strengthened.

jessi and i took natural disasters together during the spring 2011 semester and then we were in classes together for speech language pathology in fall 2011. this is when we became even closer and i began to feel even more grateful for this incredible friendship and example in my life. i loved coming to class and hearing her talk about michael when he came home from his mission to when they got engaged to when they started planning their wedding and then being a part of their special day this summer.

i feel like jess and i have become even closer in the past few months. i'm so grateful for our talks and the fact that there's no pressure or obligation to talk to each other, but we still always text or talk to each other at least once every week. i also think that friendships are that much sweeter when you can have those spiritual talks. on friday night after festival of trees, we sat in dan's parking lot just off of wasatch and talked for the longest time about struggles and feelings we'd been having lately. we reflected on how life seems to work out perfectly in hindsight and how psi affected both of our lives in so many different ways. it did my heart so much good and i really needed to hear what she had to say about a lot of things. so grateful we could have this little girl's night last friday.

some of our funny/favorite memories: "shut up! it's my turn to talk!" "WHAT...is going on?" "i can feel your sweat tacos." "just a leeetle bit"//pretty much talking in any accent. costa vida/cafe rio lunches. eating molca during the longest wait in the world in traffic up to kaylee and clark's wedding. going to H&M after our phonetics final. studying for language science at little america and having breakfast at little america. yogurtland loving. sitting in the grass at the end of year institute party last spring and talking about guys. shakes at shiver's after a sorority/fraternity leadership training. playing just dance with a bunch of our friends at the institute carnival. maverick hot chocolate. pictures at football games. and fun fact: we're birthday twins.

actually we are a day apart,
but i was supposed to be born on june 19th
and i came on the 20th.
so technically we are, right?

we seem to think so.

love you, jess! 
thank you for being one of my very best friends.


  1. Sorry about the wait to my wedding-- that was nice of you guys to come though! We were late to our reception too haha.

  2. holy hannah i love you! this post just made my day:) you are so sweet and thoughtful. i burst out laughing in the middle of my research methods class reading the quotes;)judged!! bahaha oh man, so many good times! i am so grateful for you and our friendship. love ya tons girl!

  3. I think you two look so much alike! Fun post!


Thanks for making my day!

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