dressed in holiday style.

{volunteering at primary children's medical center, decorations at NCVS, & a cute christmas tree from the little girl sitting in front of me at church. our house on christmas eve, my brother's instagram in front of our grandma's tree, & the luminaries lining the walkways of our neighborhood on christmas eve}

christmas was simple this year, but entirely wonderful. it didn't feel like it was going to be christmas, but on christmas eve, my dad took me out to the factory mrs. cavanaugh's to get some last minute gifts for family (chocolate always does the trick, obviously). as we drove there, we talked and laughed and sang along to christmas songs. and the moment hit me like it does every year--christmas is an all year long thing. it just seems like it's different, because it comes "dressed in holiday style". while listening to "silver bells" sung by bing with my dad, i thought about how the city sidewalks, busy sidewalks are the same all year long. everything wonderful about christmas happens all year long. spending time with family, enjoying everything that each season has to offer,  and more importantly, reflecting on the life of the Savior and trying to be more like Him. 
all of that can be with us all year long.

christmas eve is almost always more magical and enjoyable for me than christmas day. we drive to one of my great aunt's houses and my entire mom's side of the family has a huge gathering. we eat, we listen to luke 2 and talk about the savior's birth, we talk of christmas memories, we sing songs, and santa comes with presents for all the little kids. then when we come home, we slowly drive through our neighborhood and the one next to us while listening to christmas songs. we look at all the luminaries lighting the streets, reminding us of the light of the world--the Savior, Jesus Christ.

i hope you all have enjoyed your christmas as much as i have--the lights, the snow, the music, the traditions, and most importantly, your families.

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  1. christmas eve is always more magical in our family too. it's my favorite day of the year.


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