you be the bird, i’ll be the feather. we’ll be the best of friends forever.

{things that made me happy this week}

-kelsie shared this song on her blog this week and i seriously can't stop watching/listening. obsessed? yes.
-loved this post by leslie, so appropriate and perfect. i wish we could all be respectful in our conversations, especially our political discussions, regardless of affiliation or beliefs.
-texting this girl. can i just say how amazing kylee is? not that you didn't already know that, but i'm so grateful we could meet up and become friends
-my tiny gold bow ring from madewell {similar here, but in necklace form}
-finishing the two weeks of nonstop tests!! now i have about three weeks to focus on quizzes, audiograms, grad school app materials, research, etc. until things start getting truly hectic again with tests and finals.
-realizing that thanksgiving is in two weeks. ahhh i am so excited!
-chats with bree and lindsey. on sunday night, we went to the CES fireside and then we talked for almost two hours in my car afterwards. i love these ladies and talking with them about everything in life. bree is such a crack up--her facial expressions kill me. and i loved emailing with lindsey while i was working yesterday. guess it's just prepping us for writing letters and reading her emails when she leaves on her mission next week! though i'm sad all my girl friends are leaving on their missions, she is going to be so great!!
-a day i've been waiting for...for a very long time...happened this week. my heart is so very happy and at peace. life is good.
-research is picking up again after a couple months of waiting for paperwork to go through and approval. peter, brooke, and i spent three hours in the lab last night folding letters and envelopes, stapling consent forms, and getting things ready to go. my hand is still swollen from stapling over at least 400 pages (2 at a time) together. but it was so fun to get to know them better and have conversations about people we know, grad school, etc.
-it's snowing today. and i'm not a big fan of the cold, but i am a big believer of embracing all four seasons we have in utah. it gets harder to when it is still snowing in april, but...everything looks really pretty right now. 
so i say, let it snow! 
-a girl's night out with julia tonight! planning on dinner and seeing skyfall. i've been waiting for months for this date with bond, james bond.
-and lastly, i read this quote this week and i fell in love with it. i think C.S. Lewis is totally brill. hey...future husband, let's remember this...okay?

 "When I have learned to love God better 
than my earthly dearest, 
 I shall love my earthly dearest 
better than I do now." 
- C.S. Lewis

what made you happy this week?
any fun weekend plans?

i hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! 
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  1. I love your mind and your optimism! Thanks for posting this! You have such a great outlook on life and so much appreciation for everything around you. It's refreshing.

  2. that little boy is a total heartthrob. that music video in general is amazing. ahhh shout outs always make me so happy. proof that we're more than just blog friends. cs lewis is a genius and artist with his words.

  3. You are the best. I cannot WAIT for your letters! :)

  4. i love kylee!! such a cutie. so glad you had a good week. i too am big on embracing all 4 seasons, i spent every last minute i could enjoying the delicious fall before the snow came.


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