things in my heart today.

if you read my blog, you would probably know...

my family is my everything. my siblings are my absolute best friends. the gospel is my number one priority with school in a very high second place. i think music and singing in the car and dancing can be the best stress relievers. i get a little crazy over basketball. i live for pink-purple sunrises and brilliant, golden sunsets. i don't think i'll ever be able to live in a place without mountains nearby. but i also really, really love the ocean. i believe in love and i hope for love. i think i was in real, honest-to-goodness love once, looking back on it, and i want to find that again. i dream of becoming an SLP and hopefully blessing many lives. i get worried about the future, even when i know it will all be okay. i have been blessed to have many people come in and out of my life to help me become a better person. i think that talking about the gospel and serving others has created the strongest friendships in my life. i quote "father of the bride" (1&2) or talk in a franck voice more often than i should. i want to go to london someday. i look at j.crew's website way too much. i am awful at texting people back (and often, commenting on other blogs). i get excited about even the littlest of things really easily. i might come off as reserved, but i promise i'm not. i love to people watch and interact with people. i'm very conscientious and a perfectionist--to my detriment at times. i'm very hard on myself. i'm a "major weepah". i feel like everyone deserves a second chance. i try to forgive and move on quickly. i think forgiving and being forgiven can be the most liberating of feelings. i believe in Christ and i believe in the Atonement. i love the gospel with all of my heart. i have a lot of crazy hopes and dreams for this life of mine, but what would life be without the crazy?

and these are the things in my heart today.


  1. sarah looks at the j. crew website, too.

  2. You are such an incredible person. I love your personality and all your little quircks and idiosyncracies. We sound a lot alike :)


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