things i'm grateful for this week

-talking over thai at pawitt's with holly and realizing we have been friends for over two years, but feeling like it's been much longer than that.

-texts from jessi about birth stories that make me laugh out loud in class. oops.

-watching "while you were sleeping" with hope and quoting joe jr

-91% on my aural rehab test and 99% on my pediatrics test. i was joking all last week about how un-american it was to have tests on election day and the day after the election, but i seemed to do well on them nonetheless! tender mercy!!

-tollhouse pie and market street clam chowder with janessa between classes.

-gingham button-ups, thick socks, sweaters, peacoats, and boots. love the cozy clothes at this time of year.

-licking about 30 envelopes and worrying i was going to die like george costanza's fiance. i couldn't stop laughing/feeling paranoid the whole time. i obviously didn't die, but i took the other 20 home and used a damp sponge to seal the rest to be cautious.

-my brother doing a quick errand for me and then sweetly saying afterward, "okay, now you can take me to dairy queen." obviously i couldn't turn that down.

-getting oddly excited about turning twenty-two next year, mainly because of taylor swift's song "22" and the fact that it's an even number. i sometimes have this weird thing about being an odd-numbered age.

-sometimes in life, you've got to record ellen and watch it in your spare time for some good laughs and to see andrew garfield's awesome dance moves.

-modern technology that assists people in communication. we talked about augmentative/alternative communication in pediatrics yesterday and i looked up videos on it last night { at least watch this one}. cue the tears now. AMAZING. being able to help people communicate effectively and efficiently, no matter what the issue may be--that is what i love and i'm so grateful i'm going to be able to do that. i love speech language pathology.

-crying over the parents i get to see and interact with at primary children's medical center. it is so humbling to watch them through their trials, listen to their stories, and see the sacrifices they are making for their children. it is a difficult environment sometimes to be in, but it is such a blessing to volunteer and see such wonderful care and services at PCMC.

-those butterflies-in-my-stomach feelings all over again.

-driving by the salt lake temple every day and getting excited about the lights at temple square! this time of year is the best.

-thanksgiving is in a week from today! (!!!)

life is good and there's always something to be thankful for--
no matter what season or holiday it {almost} is.

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  1. that quote in your photo is perfect. i have to remind myself of that at least weekly - i want my own home so badly {we are living with my in-laws right now} but i know i need to be happy and grateful while we are looking for the perfect house. i am 100x happier when i realize how lucky i am. hope you have a great weekend catherine!

    p.s. when are you at PCMC?! i work on surgical - will keep my eye out for you. it really is the best place in the world.


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