snippets of seattle.

Hagrid was the most enjoyable part of our dinner when we got to Seattle. We ate at Thai 65, one of the many restaurants lining University Way. Seriously though, I have never seen a bigger concentration of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese food in one area.
We decided we must really be at Hogwarts between these buildings and our Hagrid encounter the night before. All it was missing was Dumbledore & some floating candles.
 Pike's Place Market was really fun to see. We got there in the late afternoon and unfortunately, they were starting to put away a lot of the crafts/food. After walking up and down the market to see the last little bits of it, we ate at Lowell's in Pike Place for dinner & it was so delicious! Plus, you couldn't really beat the view of Puget Sound at night with the Jazz game on the TV across from us.
After dinner, we explored Pier 57 & took a ride on Seattle's Great Wheel.
 My dad was so awesome to take the time off to come with me & I was grateful we could spend time together. We always have fun, but we missed my mom and siblings like crazy!
 City view from Seattle's Great Wheel.
 Fishermen & Pier 57
 Dad is always such a good sport for photos. 
We also both developed this terrible addiction to peppermint bark shakes with layers of fudge and chocolate cookies from Haagen-Dazs down the street.

A goodnight before watching Sleepless in Seattle.
 Lake Washington
All in all, I think Seattle's truly magical.


  1. I loved that campus when I visited! And I actually said the same thing about feeling like I was at Hogwarts! These photos are great!

  2. You are so darling, and I love this post so much! It makes me want to take a trip to Seattle. It all looks so snuggly and fresh there. Except for that first picture. He doesn't look very snuggly.

  3. Lately, I've been on the fence about Washington but after seeing your adventures I have a hard time turning down Hogwarts. Looks like you had a great time!

  4. i always adore seeing people who enjoy my hometown; Seattle is a magical place! you should see UW's campus in the spring, there are toooons of cherry blossom flowers blooming in the spring and it's an absolutely gorgeous, fluffy-flower place to visit then :)

  5. i neeeed to visit that city already.

  6. Yep, Seattle is the greatest city ever! Love all these pictures, and seriously Chinese and Thai food is everywhere here. And I kind of love it. And what would make Seattle complete is watching Sleepless in Seattle. Swoon ;)
    xo TJ


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