hello, november.

the perfect weather & fall colors are still everywhere you go here. it's going to get colder and darker, but i really don't mind. this month and time of year is really so beautiful to me. it always has been. many fond memories have been made at this time of year and many more are waiting to be made. and tonight, i'm listening to christmas music while counting my blessings. my heart is feeling especially grateful for all i have. for my siblings' love and their examples to me. for my education. for my job. for the gospel in my life. for friends coming home & leaving on missions this month. for getting another test out of the way and having the proctor say kind words to me as i left.  for living in this great nation and being able to vote in my very first presidential election tonight (and i had to document it, even if it turned out blurry). for long chats with a dear best friend over frozen yogurt. for parents who listen to me and let me share my hopes and dreams with them. for a Heavenly Father that wants to bless me and listens to my prayers. He wants to bless you and He listens to you, too. i just know it. so much more i could say, but it should suffice to know that my heart is just bursting with gratitude right now.

thank you, thank you, thank you for all i have been given.  

november of two thousand twelve, 
i've been waiting for you for a long time 
and i can hardly believe you finally came.
but, i'm so very glad to see you.
so very glad.

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