what he brings into your life

When a couple is getting married or has been married, 
the first question asked by most people is "How did you two meet?"
Then you hear the classic meetings/fallings-in-love :

The one, rare blind date that turns out right.
The high school sweethearts.
The we went to high school and didn't really know each other until years later.
The I liked him better than his roommate that I was dating at the time.
The I was best friends with his/her brother/sister.
The college classmates turned sweethearts.
The write the missionary for two years and get married within the year after he gets home.
The best friends turned boyfriend/girlfriend.

You get the picture.

I don't know how we will meet or if we have already met or if we will ever meet, but I've always thought that it's more important what he brings into your life, not how he enters it.

Someone who will kiss me slowly when we are rushing to work or coming home after a long day. Someone I can talk to for hours about everything. Someone who will speak in accents with me and be completely silly and make me laugh. Oh how I can't wait to hear his laugh. Someone who will support me in my career, parenting, church callings, everything. Someone who knows I'll do the same for him.  Someone who will remind me to be rational when I'm feeling freaked out about the future. Someone who will be willing to work in the house and in the yard with me. Someone who will cheer for the Utes and Jazz with me. Someone who won't judge my screaming when I'm watching sports (I got it from my dad...oops).  Someone who honors his Priesthood and cherishes the covenants he has made. Someone who lives a virtuous life and is faithful. Someone who will go to the Temple with me frequently. Someone who will color, watch movies with the kids, go to their games and be a part of their life. Someone who will teach them everything he knows. Someone who will love me fully and unconditionally. Someone I'll love unconditionally and someone I'll strive to be the best person for.

"It's got to be that can't-eat, can't- sleep,

 reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, 

world-series kind of stuff, right?"


  1. YES! I agree! I love this! It makes me excited for us to find that person!

  2. i literally put that 'it takes two' quote in my journal about jared three days before i left on my mission. and i already knew, but at that point i realized i had never used the quote about anyone or anything before and suddenly the clouds parted and it was all clear. so yeah, that quote is no joke. it is serious stuff.

  3. LOVE this. Love you. So grateful for your friendship, wisdom and example. You are amazing.

  4. this is the cutest post i've ever seen! from this alone i can tell you'll get the most darling guy. i used to always wonder who my mr. would be and think about such similar things. let me tell you, it comes true! i love your blog too much!! we're your newest followers, come follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com XO

  5. love this. can't wait until you meet him :)


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