to reach the moon.

Sabrina- "I might as well be reaching for the moon."
 Baron- "Oh, you young people are so old fashioned. Have you not heard? We are building rockets to reach the moon!"

i know i keep talking about this, but...there are so many aspects of my life right now where i'm reaching for the moon. i need to remember that it is possible. i can get there. so much of what i'm working towards right now is a culmination of everything i've worked for and dreamed of since i was a little girl. i need to remember that the time and preparation and sacrifice mattered when man finally got to the moon. i can get there. i can get through the hard times, the times where i feel that only He is on my side. i can do this. i can reach for the moon and maybe i'll find "the moon's reaching for me".

if you haven't seen sabrina (both versions, especially the audrey version), i suggest you do so right now. 

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  1. I love Sabrina! I am so impressed with you, Catherine! You are going to accomplish all your goals, and this time of preparation is SO key! I remember when I was at the brink of graduate school, and the future made me anxious because I had so much resting on the line, but Heavenly Father took care of me :) He will do the same for you because you have done all this preparation! Go get that moon!! :)


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