the day i went shopping with stephanie, rachel, and some pretty awesome bloggers.

1. steph, i hope you are okay with me using your picture on my blog. 
2. i obviously did not have enough time to actually do my hair this morning and i look super squinty...oops. 

two weeks ago, i was reading through some blogs before i headed to school and saw that my good friend, steph, had won a giveaway at the pink peonies. a chance to go to fashion place mall, receive goodies, have lunch at the nordstrom bistro cafe, and shop with rachel of the pink peonies. i thought it was so awesome she had won and didn't think a thing of it afterward. a few hours later, i received an email from steph asking me if i could go with her as her  "friend of choice" and i think that email absolutely made my day. it was so kind and generous of her to offer this to me, let alone to be able to go be a part of this fun day, and it gave me something to look forward to for a week :)

so this past saturday morning, i picked up steph and we drove to fashion place. i loved catching up with her about life and school and boys, talking about how nervous we were about meeting everyone, and then actually meeting and talking to so many bloggers in real life. the extremely fabulous bloggers who hosted this giveaway: alycia of crowley party, madison and lauren from awkward girls, megan from classy confessions, shannon from style with shannon, and of course, rachel of the pink peonies and her sister, emily

we had such a fun group of ladies with us and i honestly think my favorite part of the day was simply sitting down for lunch and getting to know these ladies. they were all so kind and down to earth. i loved hearing how they met their husbands, the things they are doing in their lives, etc. we didn't get to stay for a long time shopping, but i was able to get a cute shirt and steph found a cute bracelet and pretty nail polish. it was a memorable day for sure and i'm so grateful i was able to meet these women. thank you, rachel, for hosting such a fun giveaway!! thank you to all of you awesome ladies in our group for making the day so great! and of course, thank you again, steph, for asking me to come with you!!!

read more about it on amy's cute blog {here}. 


  1. I really do think we had the best group of girls!! It was a great day & it was pleasure meeting you & Stephanie.:) I hope we can stay in touch.
    xo, amy

  2. It was so nice meeting you on Saturday. I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming adventures (I'm thinking about one thing in particular!) Your shirt is so cute! I kind of wish I would have bought one for myself, but I ended up getting a chambray shirt I've liked for awhile.

  3. what a fun day!! you're a lucky girl :)


Thanks for making my day!

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