same old saturday night

{the things of today...and partially last night}


this cute top from bp at nordstrom. (more on my shopping excursion with stephanie to come)
essie penny talk. seriously go buy it or any of essie's metallics--you won't regret it. i have a huge obsession with rose gold right now and i'm loving this nail polish.


special k honey vanilla granola.
margherita pizza (and a few bites of salmon with gazpacho salsa)
chocolate paradise cake
sushi (from my sister dinner date with hope to mikado last night. they gave us a roll for free, but we were stuffed and brought it home!)
a delicious cookie caramel bar from our neighbor


speech science quiz
intro to audiology quiz
audiogram of the day
write out flashcards
write out observation reports
prepping for more tests in two weeks.
grad school stuff. grad school stuff. grad school stuff. ugh.

also...later last night, i drove hope & her friends to a haunted forest place up north and on my way home, i was flipping through radio stations (i was in the family car, not mine). this song came on and i burst into tears. it's safe to say that's an "all time low=reached" moment. what is wrong with me?? i don't want to settle. i don't want my heart to settle. and i want that little part of me, the part of me that says he might come back and still like me the way i still like him, to just go away and let me focus on everything else. 


  1. Catherine! Thank you so much for visiting my blog & for your kind words!! You made my night! It really was a pleasure meeting you today. Syd & I had SO much fun!!! On the drive home, we were talking about what a great group of girls all of you were.:) It was a great day! You are so beautiful & I'd love to stay in touch. I'm following you on GFC.
    xo, amy

  2. i promise you i cry listening to songs ALL the time. don't even worry.


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