i'm not really a novice, but i am.

i still remember in fourth grade, my neighbor friends telling me i looked like a "weirdo" when i ran. 
i loved running all over the playground and in my soccer games and i had never thought a thing of it.
but i think that's when i stopped loving to run.
 i would do it for all of my gym classes. i would do it for soccer.
 i would do it at volleyball & basketball camps, in basketball games. 
but i never truly loved it and i always felt super self conscious about my running. 

fast forward three years from graduating high school. 
i will still run every once in a while (at least twice a month) and it's great exercise. 
but i don't love it. i always prefer the elliptical, which is wonderful, 
and it will always be my go-to at the gym.
 i could do the elliptical for hours on end if it meant i didn't have to run ever, 
but i really do want to become someone who loves to run again. 

slowly, but surely i've been working on it.
 to stay motivated, i have set running goals for myself 
for the next two years that i want to accomplish. 
a running bucket list, if you will. 

-three 5Ks 
one of those being a color run

-three half marathons
i think it would be really fun to do the disneyland half marathon, 
mt. timpanogos half marathon, or big cottonwood half marathon



we'll see what happens and if i get to the big leagues of marathoners and ragnarians. 
but i think they are do-able goals, right?

do any of you love running? is it possible? am i crazy?
any secrets of success or tips for me? good, fun races i should know about?


  1. let's be running buddies. forewarning though, i am slower than slow.

  2. totally do it! that's so awesome. let's all do a race together and then i'll actually be motivated to run. maybe. :D

  3. YES! I'm a the biggest proponent of running! You can do ALL of those! Honestly, it's more a mental challenge than it is a physical one.

  4. a marathon!! you go girl!! i was really proud of myself for doing a 5k, i loved it! now i want to run a 10k...but i think that will be as high as i go.

  5. sometime overkill of something makes you lose love for it. but coming back to it is such a gratifying thing :) also, color runs are so incredibly fun! i did The Color Run back in May and highly recommend it.

  6. Can't say I really love running...but afterwards I feel pretty good. Some great goals there. Maybe I should make some specific ones for myself too.

  7. Peter, Spencer and I just ran the Halloween Half in Provo and it was a lot of fun! My advice is to stick with the training plan. We did good for most of our training, but we tapered off near the end and we are paying for it today!


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