i put a spell on you.

i'm sorry if you have seen this already, but it doesn't hurt to watch it and laugh again.
he puts everyone's lip syncing skills to shame!

i have a test today and i'll probably be watching hocus pocus or rear window tonight while studying for another test tomorrow. getting super into halloween isn't really what i do, but hitchcock movies & hocus pocus are some of my favorite things about this holiday aside from pumpkin carving, family parties, and pulling out this dress:
{not sure what that pose was about, but this has been my go-to costume for various parties and occasions for the past four years. the girls in my neighborhood and i bought it at DI for $8 and we call it the sisterhood of the traveling dress. we all took turns wearing it to church and school. it's pretty hideous and amazing--amazingly hideous!}

happy halloween!!


  1. Haha, I love the dress! Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh that dress is so good. We should start this again.

  3. I love that y'all trade out that dress. I think it is cute in a really odd way. It could just be the cut is really flattering on you though haha.

  4. haha love this! YOu are so cute! I'm so glad I found your blog!


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