hello, october.

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waking up rested.
breakfast of apple crisp (apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, instant oats) 

listening to talks during the commute to school this morning & home tonight, 
this one is always a "message of love" for me whenever i hear it.

trying to stay outside as long as possible.


cinnamon roasted pecans from the bookstore.
late afternoon sun.


worrying about a test on wednesday, 
daydreaming about new feelings, 
but i think october 3rd will always hold a tiny place in my heart.

chinese take-out for dinner

studying while watching the new once upon a time with hope.

now, more studying.
and later, i'll dream sweet dreams.

as long as i can remember, i have always loved the first day of october. today's no exception.

this is a practically perfect month (which i know i say about almost every month), but i love the crisp chill in the mornings and nights, overall the fall air, the start of the hot chocolate addiction that lasts for five months, sweaters and boots and cable knit tights, the pumpkins, the gorgeous mountains, and the transition into all of the holidays. all of those things sound obligatory, but they're all things about fall that i can't help falling in love with {check this song out, too}.


  1. i want that breakfast, right now, at 1:30 in the morning. good luck on your test wednesday! mumford, i neeed to listen to the new album still, i hear it's good! that fleet foxes song, oh gosh i love that one.

  2. You have such a beautiful life! I love how you find so many tender mercies to be grateful for.

  3. srsly, that breakfast sounds amazing.
    your october first sounds perfect. all of it, the good, the calm the stressful, the food. absolutely perfect.


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