can we skip halloween and have it be thanksgiving already? or christmas even?

hi, my name is catherine. and i'm getting way too excited about the holidays,
particularly christmas.

 i love thanksgiving--probably my favorite holiday--and i can't wait for it to be here and to be able to spend quality time with family. buuuut, there's not a lot of thanksgiving musical selections (hymns, maybe?) and this has been on repeat today. sorry if you're someone that doesn't listen to christmas music until after thanksgiving. i used to be that person until rosie converted me.

tonight, i think i'll find michael buble's christmas CD in our christmas collection
 and have it in my car by tomorrow morning.
too soon?

don't you think this time of year is probably the most fun and magical?
well, it definitely gets my vote.


  1. I have to start listening to Christmas music early so that I can get through all my Christmas CDs!

  2. I want Christmas now too! Bring it on :D


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