baby step to four o'clock

this morning, hope & i did the halloween hustle (5K) in sugarhouse park, complete with our goldfish, gill. it was freezing (32 degrees) when we started (hence looking so baggy with the layers under my shirt and pants), but luckily it warmed up a little bit as the sun came out.

my favorite costume i saw someone running in was nacho libre--complete with curly wig, mustache, cape, and of course, stretchy pants.  some people understood our shirts; other people gave us funny looks. my favorite response was from the guy with the real dredlocked hair AND dredlocked beard: "heeeeey, what about bob..." (said in the most hipster kind of voice). someone i ran past told me they wanted my shirt. so, i think we were somewhat original and creative for this race. 
and...i guess we're pretty cool, too. 
Dr. Marvin, guess what? Ahoy, I sail, I'm a sailor, I sail!
this is our "asian gill" picture. :)

 to warm up after we finished, we got some "it's like christmas in a cup" hot chocolate.
i'll probably be needing some more of this hot chocolate at tonight's game--the utes vs. cal. it's going to be freezing and i really hope this blackout game brings us some luck. 
go utes!!

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  1. I am so jealous of your life right now!

    1. Is that a real fish in a mason jar?
    2. Any chance I could get my very own What About Bob shirt? :)
    3. Did you set a new record time for your 5K? I have no idea how races work so pardon me if that question doesn't make any sense... I have no idea what running jargon means.


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