the time will pass anyway.

 {mantra of this week, via}

remember when i'd do this consistently? well, i thought i'd give it a whirl again.

{things that made me happy this week}

-elder holland's fireside on sunday. it was really SO great (one of my favorite quotes from it) and i enjoyed talking to bree and lindsey afterward.

-holly gave each of her bridesmaids a delicate, pearl bracelet (thanks, holl! i absolutely LOVE it) & i have worn it almost every day this week with my other pearl bracelet i received from my grandma & grandpa when i was baptized. i love being able to wear sweet reminders of just two of many happy days in my life.

-enchiladas suizas + side of red pepian mole = perfection. but really, red iguana can do no wrong.

-healthy-ish & delicious things i have consumed this week: jamba pomegranate pick-me-ups (note the plural. someone, this someone, needs to calm down about those.) & sunbelt granola bars.

-the xx had their new album come out! loving "sunset" and "angels"

-hello, fall weather. you are the best.

-new favorite beauty products: kenra hair products, DKNY golden delicious, loreal voluminous million lashes mascara.

-successful research meetings (not so much the $15 parking ticket//getting to work late, because it went too long). i am SO excited about this project and i have been so blessed to find this career path. researching things and studying and learning new things about speech doesn't ever seem like work to me, it's always exciting and fun. and that's how i know i have hit the jackpot. so happy.

-talking to a dear neighbor/former piano teacher, sharon, while i was waiting for my sister to come out of piano--my sister takes from her daughter (i also did for a while). sharon is one of the classiest and most kind women you will ever meet. she is so compassionate, nonjudgmental, and intelligent. i absolutely loved talking to her about life. it took me back to the days of walking up to her house to piano every tuesday at 4:00 p.m. and hoping i would have practiced enough and sound okay on my pieces. i shed many tears in front of her, but she always encouraged me and i would always leave her house feeling more determined and more loved than before. i am so blessed to have so many wonderful people to influence my life.

what made you happy this week?
any fun weekend plans?

the two solid plans i have for the weekend (aside from homework): early dinner with the girls i served with in relief society (carly, brittany, & ali) tonight, and tomorrow night, well...



  1. I agree with you on Elder Holland's quote, definitely my favorite thing from the fireside too! Clark and I are going to the game too! We will probably see you guys there cause you're sitting by holly right? Anyway, the rivalry is on -- go cougars! ;)

  2. elder holland's talk was amazing. i am so glad i took the time to listen to it yesterday, so so glad. it was the exact spritual experience i needed in my life. bahhhh i need money so i can buy the new xx album! alsooo, they're coming to concert soon. want to come with me?! amen to the fall weather, ameennnn.

  3. That fireside was amazing! We just got to watch it tonight :D Elder Holland made some very good points and had me thinking about a bunch of different things.


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