tender mercies

i'm not one to brag about test scores or anything, but i got a 96.5% on my aural rehab test and a 100% on my speech science test. these aren't really fluffy classes and i was so blessed to get those scores. praying now that i did that well on my test this past wednesday and that i'll do that well on my test next week.

notice how i said test and not tests for next week. originally i had two huge tests next week, but yesterday morning, our professor decided to move the test to after fall break. this was a HUGE "love note" for me. i honestly don't care if i have to study over fall break (i was planning on staying on top of school anyway) and it will be such a good thing for me to only worry about focusing on all of the material from the past 6-7ish weeks for this test next wednesday and not have to worry about the material for the other test on top of that.

i secured the three professors i want to do my letters of recommendation for applications.

hatch's chocolates (yes, the little chocolatiers!) gave me a discount on tuesday night for being a volunteer at PCMC. my hot chocolate (dark chocolate style) was so incredibly delicious.

being able to talk to jessi a few times this week. i feel so grateful to have such amazing friends.

going on a fall hike with hope yesterday afternoon {pictures to come later}. it just does my heart so much good to be in the mountains, especially at this time of year. i loved hearing her stories about high school. i love that she is only a sophomore but she's experiencing some many great things already.  she's had a few heartaches, but so many great things to make up for it. it's made me think a lot about how i'm grateful for those high school experiences and how they allowed me to grow into who i am. 

i feel so grateful for my job and how i have been blessed to have something that will work around my school schedule. 

finding parking spots quickly (for the most part) in the lot across from my building all week long. if you go to the U, you know what a nightmare it can sometimes be to find parking in some of those "U" pass lots.

i came home after a 13 hour day (twice this week) and there was a dove dark chocolate along with a black & white movie ready to go (for background noise to keep me awake to study) and waiting for me both nights. and one of those nights, my mom had made the most amazing homemade taco soup. so grateful for those little things.

i could keep going on and on, but basically,
i feel so lucky and grateful and humbled by these tender mercies this week.


  1. Congratulations on the big tests! That is awesome! Sound like you are doing well. I sure do love you!

  2. Holy cow lady! CONGRATS! That's amazing and you're so awesome to notice the Lord in everything you do. He loves you and so do I!

  3. do you volunteer at primary's weekly!? i'm thinking about going back and i would sort of love if i got to see you while doing so! also, you are a genius catherine. yes those scores might have been blessings, but they are also outcomes of your hard work and smart brain.

  4. YAY! Good test scores = hard work! :D Oh and parking spots at any university are hard to come by....even down here in little ole Tassie :D

  5. Good job on your tests! Also, that is so sweet of your mom to leave you that chocolate! :)


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