my ideas of a perfect date.

let's just say i daydream about perfect dates a lot.
i think it's been happening more and more, because i feel so busy and crazy
 that i need something to distract me when i'm thinking about
classes or work or graduate school applications too much.

so, obviously perfect dates is what goes through my mind.
or what i think would be perfect/low-key 
during/after a busy week of school & work & everything else.
about six months ago, i was on a bad blind date and this daydreaming happened.
but mostly, it happens while i'm in class and i miss about five minutes of notes
(thank you, digital recorder, for saving me when that happens).
either way,
i'm such a sap.

-get hot chocolate and go on a walk through the avenues/memory grove/around the capitol.

-studying at the library together + a little fro yo afterward (SO ROMANTIC)

-thai food + a dollar movie (or an $8.75 movie if we're feeling rich & fancy?)

-get on trax or frontrunner and pick a random place to stop, then find a new place to eat that's close to wherever we stop.

-get some tollhouse pie from the dodo to share and go over to sugarhouse park to eat and chat.

-making tinfoil dinners or dutch oven and watching a utah football game or a basketball game (jazz season is almost here!)

-ruth's diner or little america for breakfast

-bike ride downtown (i guess a carriage ride in the winter... if we're feeling rich & fancy?)

-hiking in holbrook canyon/walking along bountiful blvd. while the sun sets.

-going to a high school football game

-put a movie or TV show on mute and come up with our own commentary/dialogue.

-make a new dessert together + music swap

-pizza + ensign peak (or the living room or going up to the "U")

and lastly, this is probably my favorite idea...

-get some take out (cafe rio or chinese or something delicious) & a bunch of pillows and blankets, drive up Millcreek Canyon (or any canyon, but Millcreek is one of my very favorites and it's gorgeous right now) & eat dinner in the back of the car (let's assume it's an SUV or truck where you can open the back up or sit in the back of the truck), then watch a movie on a laptop, cozied up under the stars.

feel free to judge me now.

what are some of your favorite dates you've been on?
what are your "perfect date" ideas?


  1. One of my favorite dates was creating Mario Kart on one of the bike ramps for all of the bikers and then watching a chick flick on a laptop inside a roundabout. It was random but fun.

  2. ruth's diner would be such a fun date, especially in the fall. add a little fall drive with some good tunes & nice chat and you have a fabulous date. i hope your future boyfriend reads this someday and takes you on every single one of those dates, now THAT would be romantic. okay own dialoge is the best, especially when it's the spanish channel. music swaps, any boy that can give me music is a boy worth keeping. your favorite is my favorite. also, concerts are such good dates (at leat in my opinion) i know you can't talk much, but any boy who takes me to a good concert is winning big time.

  3. 1. i am in love with your blog
    2. you just made me miss salt lake city SO MUCH
    3. we were meant to be friends, because these are all perfect dates and my husband and i have done literally ALL of them except the bountiful one! i'm serious! the thai food + dollar movie is uncanny because that was our go-to date in slc! love it. following you! xo

  4. Oh I love this list. My favorite would be the getting hot chocolate and walking around together.

  5. Love this list! You're so darling :)

  6. YES! Both of those dates sound so incredible! Especially with fall approaching! Love love love. Thank you!


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