i'm convinced that...

 ...utah has the prettiest sunsets, 
{sadly no instagram (don't have one) or ahem, samsung phone picture taken/could truly capture it's beauty. and while we're discussing what i'm convinced about, it's that i definitely need an iphone.}

this picture will never cease to crack me up, 

{kels & i in the institute parking lot on the day last spring that it decided to be sunny & windy in the morning, rain, and suddenly decide to become a blizzard by the afternoon.}

and this is a great study break/ i-need-a-little-dance-party song. 

that's all. 

back to studying. 
first test of the semester tomorrow!
ayi ayi ayiiiiiiiiii. 


  1. I don't know we may have to fight over who has the best sunsets because Arizona kind of has legend wait for it... dary ones.

  2. yep, iphones are neccessary. but really though. i love mine and dare say it sometimes takes better pictures than my actual camera. tests alreadddyyy? i am so behind in school right now its sickening.

  3. Umm how much do I love that picture? I seriously miss those days.


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