nineteen hours and counting

i have been up for almost 19 hours now, rush-rush-rushing all day and i don't feel tired at all. i wish i did.

work for super long.
temple with hope.
come home to doll up.
reunion dinner with the old rs presidency.
dollar movie. i have now seen the amazing spider-man in theaters five times...ain't no thang. even though we didn't get to sit by each other (bummer, theater too crowded), it made a difference having this really cute, tall guy to try and peer around to see the whole screen this time around. and my heart was pounding the whole time. i decided the dollar theater crowd has the best cacklers and i analyzed the voices of andrew garfield and emma stone the whole time. it was good i already knew what the movie was all about. 
first speeding ticket. for just five over, but still. it was super upsetting and i feel so mad. ouch. that could've ruined the whole day. i've cried a lot over it and i look like a mess,

but i also can't help but think how happy things are, too. 
i feel like a lot of things are on the brink and who knows if they'll happen in the next few weeks or the next few years, but it's an exciting time of life.  i am so grateful for the chance to live this life and have so many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.


  1. Mmmm LOVE this!! I'm excited to get letters about this certain fellow :) Centerville Chronicles ;)

  2. I love the optimism in this post. :) It seems like things are going well for you.


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