guess what?
mfeo bff  finally married her most absolute, true best friend yesterday!

that's right, 
holly & greg are now
 mr. & mrs. motzkus!

it was such a beautiful september day with perfect weather. i woke up around 5:30 to head down to do her hair and makeup for the big day and as i was driving there, i watched the sun rise over the mountains. it was the most gorgeous sunrise i have seen in a long time and i couldn't contain my excitement. i felt so much love yesterday for them and the decision they made to be sealed in the temple. as you can tell, those two were so giddy all day long.

the reception was in a fabulous backyard and everything turned out so beautiful. holly's vision for the reception came together so nicely from the gorgeous flowers, centerpieces, and twinkle lights to the delicious food and fun dancing/band. 

while i was dancing with one of our good friends towards the end of the night, i said to him, "i couldn't have picked a better guy for my best friend. greg is so good for holly and they are so right for each other." of course, he agreed with me. i loved spending yesterday with my closest, dearest friends as well as the brimhalls and motzkuses, and i am so grateful i was able to be a part of it. 

i am over the moon excited for holly & greg to start their newest adventure--marriage!
 to put it in their words, "WAHOO!"

oh, and check this and this out
pictures via natalie


  1. Wow, the flowers are stunning- natural and yet still quite structured. Love the first photos- the joy is literally beaming out of them.Rx


  2. cute wedding colors, GORGEOUS wedding flowers.


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