haaaappy birthday, dear daaaad! haaaappy birthday to youuuu!!

Happy Birthday to the "grooviest" Dad I know!!

Stubborn (but funny-stubborn). Best breakfast chef in the world (well, he can cook lots of really good things). Honors his Priesthood. Selflessly serves everyone. Laughs at his own jokes. "Stylish". My favorite chauffeur in the mornings during high school. He has John Wayne movie quotes for everything. Avid NPR listener. Gives us great life advice. Screaming during football games. Good at winking. Made a home lunch for me almost every single day from first grade to senior year. He is a great son and honors his parents. He grew an inch after his back surgery. Always taking care of us and finding ways to be positive. He can figure out how to fix or put together anything. Applies the Gospel to everything in his life. Believes in us and helps us accomplish our dreams. Tries to understand our point of view. He forgives us even when we don’t deserve it. Selfless, patient, hard-working, full of love and integrity. Amazing man, husband, father, and example. I hope to emulate even just a little bit of who he is someday. 

Love you so much, Dad!!! 

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  1. HAHA! This is phenomenal that you got all of these pictures of your dad growing up!! It's so funny to see what our parents looked like at our age!

    Happy Birthday to Catherine's dad! Clearly a noble man.


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