9.15.12: utah vs. byu

{throw-up your Us}

i know this post is late, but here we are, still talking about the game. it's fine :)

going into the game, i felt like a complete wreck. i was so worried that we were going to be the losers of the night. i didn't doubt that we could win, i just worried that our team wouldn't be ready or strong enough. luckily, the utes didn't break my heart and they proved they could pull through for me!

i walked down to the stadium with holly & greg, then we met up with kaylee & clark and natalie over in the crimson club section before the game started.

{photo cred: kaylee. thanks for being a good sport with all the byu comments i'm sure you heard, you really are an awesome wife for sitting in the crimson club section with clark!!}

i saw jessi & michael and talked to them before going over to the MUSS for kick-off.
the first touchdown...everyone was wild. things slowed down for a bit and byu scored...so i headed over to the northwest corner to see my dad and thomas towards the end of second quarter.

then, OF COURSE, we had our classic half-time picture meet-up pictures:

 we lost holly & greg...but aren't we precious?

then we got one with me, holly, & jessi

then complete with their husbands--greg & michael!

{thanks for the pictures, jess!!}

even though we didn't play GREAT the entire game (neither team really was a knock-out), we had some awesome plays that brought us ahead and the MUSS was going WILD. then the fourth quarter rolled around (in taiko drum and cannon style...i think i'm still partially deaf from those cannons) and i started to panic as byu was gaining momentum. holly & i were on the jumbo-tron, dancing gangnam style. it was hilarious and we looked ridiculous (i walked into relief society on sunday and i had at least thirteen girls and the bishopric whisper loudly, "SAW YOU ON THE JUMBO-TRON!" #celebstatus hahahaha). and probably two minutes before that, swoop (the mascot) came to our row and gave me a hug and kiss. can check that off my bucket list now--wooooooo! {sarcasm}

then at about the stroke of midnight, the utes narrowly won. it was going to be a huge slice of humble pie if we had to go into overtime & head back to our seats, if the cougars' field goal had been just two feet more to the right. we stormed the field not once, but twice, then a third time when we actually won. as kylee said, "one game, three wins". i was down on the field by the second storming, then it was complete chaos after the field goal didn't make it. we were about 10 feet away from kyle & got to see the deseret first duel trophy. then traffic was a nightmare and i didn't make it home til about 1:30 am. i could hardly talk, but i was beaming from ear to ear, with our fight song still ringing in my ears,

"who am i, sir? a utah man am i! a utah man, sir, and will be til i die! ki-yi!"

we'll see you at rice eccles again in 2016, byu. 

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