the three days consisting of a weekend + i guess thursday too

early class.
library study
meeting holly at blue lemon for lunch & going over to the temple afterward. good way to spend an afternoon.
leaves already changing color?
oh hi.
home, nap, study, and another much needed nine hours of sleep later...

took the gre.
wore my london 2012 shirt for the test. stop judging me, everyone on campus... just because i'm still in olympic withdrawls.
breathe in and out, it's over. 
changed outfit, sporting gold bow flats.
dinner at the pagoda with the fam.
siblings in the car driving all over the avenues.
then we made a night of it...premium rush + yogurtland (oh, oops...forgot, that can't be MY thing). it really makes me stressed even thinking about that movie. just prepare yourself to be worried about joseph gordon-levitt for 90 minutes and laugh at the worst actor in the world playing the bad guy.
return of the automatic car wash + blasting hedwig's theme, only louie lastik look-a-like was the attendant. which made it ten times better, if that's even possible.

peaches. peaches. peaches. early morning run for peaches.
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
almost losing it at dollar tree over some mylar balloons and worker incompetence. real mature, i know. keyword: almost.
ward party in the front yard.
spontaneous decision to drive to my favorite neck of the woods for a wedding shindig. i loved being some of my absolute favorite people and meeting instant favorite people. i don't think i've had that much fun at a wedding reception/open house in a while (meaning the past six weeks, probably). is it sad to say that was one of the highlights of my summer? nope, not at all. 
coming home and watching superman returns. glad a reboot is on it's way. i forgot how good/mainly cheesy it was. lex luthor is my bff.

peaches for breakfast, duh. heavenly.
great relief society lesson.
another calling. 
excellent sunday dinner.

now getting ready for this next week. i think i'm still in summer mode, despite having such a busy summer weekly routine. oh and sorry for the lack of pictures/posts this month. as we all know, i don't have instagram or eat interesting food. and i've been super one track minded lately. at least the first week of school has been survived.


  1. leaves already changing color! when i became such a fan of fall, i have no idea but i love it. fall somehow beats summer. took the gre?!?! keep us posted! i meant to wish you luck beforehand, but life has been a little crazy for me post-india. consider this my good luck/congrats/so proud of you/bet you did so good all wrapped up into one. london 2012 shirt? i want. gold bow flats? hellooo cute shoes.

  2. Whoa baby, GRE???!!! Congrats on getting that over with. Yeah, I'll most likely be taking that test in a couple years here. You'll have to give me some pointers. Also, I love this post. The format of it all. Can you say "copy"? Yes, you can - meaning, I might have to copy this cute idea and do it on my blog. Shhh. You are beautiful.


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