the spice of life.

about a week ago, my cousin brooke texted me about a blog, then we got to discussing some of my favorites and i gave her a reading list. all of you are out there accomplishing so many wonderful things and i love being inspired by your exciting lives and reading your blogs! your experiences are the spice of life--you are all doing grand things! my friend, janessa, and i often joke that we read too many blogs. but i love reading about so many different perspectives and people. despite my love-hate relationship with blogging, in this aspect, i definitely lean towards the love side. so here are just a couple of many, many good reads of my week, since i'm drained of all creative juices right now.


from a while ago, but i still think about this post that allison, a friend i have had since rec soccer in fifth grade, wrote. such a great message and beautiful words.

check out all of kylee's adventures in india. so many beautiful pictures and words about her amazing experience there.

puruse through kelsie's dream wedding. there are a few posts of seriously gorgeous pictures and such a wonderful and happy love story. one of my favorite blogs.

read chantel's funny story about prayer and her coworker. i laughed out loud during my lunch break while reading this yesterday.

found elora's blog this week and it's pretty adorable.

over and out, peeps.


what i wrote above was a scheduled post i started yesterday, but i just wanted to add something that happened to me this morning. i really do love my life, but i have a really really busy schedule with this new semester and it sometimes becomes really hard to manage it all. we all know what that's like. we're all busy. but lately i've felt like i'm making leaps and bounds of progress in some ways and then sometimes i feel like i'm being tested and tried by too many things and it's holding me back from progressing how i think i should be. this morning, i was saying a prayer as i drove into work really early and i found myself suddenly becoming really emotional and then choking out the words, "thank you for blessing me with these life experiences and trials." i couldn't even believe those words as they came out. but in that small moment, i did feel like my trials and experiences right now are and will be blessings to come. just needed to write that down so i can be reminding of that down the road when i may not be uttering those words that are true, but so hard to recognize.


  1. i feel honored to be listed in this post. but mostly, i feel so much gratitude for sharing spiritual things on your blog. i always leave feeling uplifted and motivated to do better, so thank you.

  2. YAY! Thanks for the shout-out! It was fun to get a glimpse of other blogs you read and why you appreciate them. I feel like our tastes are similar :)


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